Thursday, December 21, 2017

In Response to Mukammali-Langpas ES Incident

December, 21, 2017, Thursday, Indanan South District Office, Km., Kajatian, Indanan, Sulu - Esquierdo Jumadain, DepED-Sulu Division DRRMC Coordinator visited Indana South District Office this afternoon while Supersam was still with the participants in Closing Program of the 4-Day District Seminar/Workshop Clinic and Accreditation for Coaching and Officiating at Timbangan Elementary School. PSDS Moore with Faisal A. Kadil, District DRRMC Coordinator, Faijal I. Andan, TIC of Sapie Primary School and Marjin "Cmdr. H-man" J. Madjirul arrived in the district office past 3:00 PM. Supersam and his company had the intention to directly go to the coffee shop when Division DRRMC Coordinator went out of the Indanan North District Office to meet the ISD team.

In the coffee shop, Esquierdo Jumadain presented the Division Memo in response to the ISD DRRMC report submitted to the Division Office concerning Mukammali-Langpas ES Incident. After coffee break, PSDS Sam led Esquierdo to the ISD Office where dialogue was finalized. Both agreed to have FGD in the District Office tomorrow, December 22, 2017 at exactly 2:00 PM. Earnestly required to attend are the two school heads of Mukammali and Langpas ES, ISD DRRMC and EiE team. Supersam designated Faisal A. Kadil as his proxy in so far as his meeting at the Municipal Office, Pasil, Indanan, Sulu with the same schedule is concerned. At least, one PTA member of both schools are needed with teachers.

Mr. Jumadain also reported that he had already invited the Municipal DRRMO to be in the FGD (Focal Group Discussion).

When PSDS Sam opened his Facebook at home, he came across the following chat message from Mr. Jumadain:

Salam sir samoore... Un response to your report... The eoc comittee of the division will conduct meeting you, all teachers of affected schools and school drr and dist drr. With the mdrrmo and dswd and chiefof police of indanan. This will be held un your district office, for your comment

Salam sir awn order sin division to conduct fgd at your district office tomorow 2pm particpanrs teachers of affected school. Ptca, school head and drrm dist. And psds... Pls reply

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