Wednesday, December 6, 2017

ISD DRRMC Team Updates Admin Over the Situation of Langpas ES and Mukammali ES

It was so timely to update the Indanan Municipal Administrator, Hji. Akmad A. Muksan about the current situation of Langpas Elementary School and Mukammali Elementary School after the team conducted ocular assessment in both elementary schools located in the same barangay of Langpas, Indanan, Sulu. The team passed by the residence of Admin last December 5, 2017 upon his request thru the Barangay Chairperson of Langpas.

PSDS Moore asked every members of the team to say something before the Admin on what they observed during ocular visit to Mukammali Elementary School. Though they had not been to  Langpas Elementary School, teachers of Langpas ES headed by Caretaker, Mussahwaldasa M. Mustafa were with the EiE team to Mukammali ES where they also gathered some information about the situation of Langpas ES.

Admin was first to speak before the team as he requested from PSDS. He said, "It's now hard to conduct schooling in Langpas ES." "We can assure to have classes in Mukammali ES after some months" he compared.

Supersam glanced at him while he mentioned the impossibility of having classes back to normal in Langpas Elementary School. Admin asked PSDS Sam to talk but the PSDS permitted first Faisal A. Kadil to say something about the role of the team in time of armed conflict affecting schools.

"Our role in time of disaster that affects our school is just to track the school children and parents if they are safe to go to school whenever classes be conducted" expressed by Faisal A. Kadil, ISD DRRMC Coordinator and Head Teacher III of Pasil Elementary School.

After some details about DRRMC spoken by the district coordinator, PSDS Sam turned the floor to head teacher III of Mukammali Elementary School, Melda I. Adug.

"We tried to advise the parents and school children to go to Poblacion Elementary School for continuous education" said Melda I. Adug. "In contrast to what you said, Admin, we would like more to perform our roles as teachers in Mukammali ES than in any other schools. We don't want our school to be closed as what you uttered. We hope and pray and even try our best how our school be back to normal" added by the school head.

"We are afraid of reporting to Langpas Elementary School as of this time, Admin because both disputed families who engaged in armed conflict are still fighting almost everyday" explained by Langpas Elementary School teachers as they were requested by PSDS to say something. "Our worry is our school children whom we could not even track where they are nowadays" teachers continued.

Teachers of Langpas ES had almost the same version told to Admin as PSDS listened to every one of them.

Finally, it was PSDS' turn to speak. He had many words. His statements covered all the areas of issues and concerns. ABC President was in attendance with one of the municipal councilors and the Barangay Chairman of Barangay Langpas.

"I temporarily detailed the teachers of both schools in the district office. I tasked them to gather some reliable information about the current development of the situation in both schools. I had also been in the Office of the Mayor last November 25, 2017 updating the mayor about the incident. Likewise, we conducted conference with the teachers as also attended by Barangay Captain in the district office. The result was our today's visit. We can't tell you now when to report again to both schools unless we would have some updates from your municipal office concerning your consultative meeting with the mayor and municipal councilors relative to incident and the schools. We are very much thankful that you are now the OIC of the municipal office" explained by PSDS.

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