Thursday, December 28, 2017

ISD Office Gets Your SF Reports by Clicking Your SF4 & Form 3 Menu Page: TUTORIAL

There are some Blogger Sites of Indanan South District Schools having not yet creating Menu Page for SF4 and Form 3 where their monthly reports can be LINKED from Google Drive. PSDS Sam hereby encourages those schools to have it. He or the ISD ICT Coordinator will look into it the moment district consolidation is badly needed for ASAP submission. School heads or school ICT coordinators may follow this tutorial for creating said Menu Page:

  1. Typer your blog address in Google Search Bar or type Blogger.
  2. Click Sign In on top of the upper right corner or click Blogger after typing it on Google Search Bar
  3. Click Create Your Blog
  4. Sign in using your Gmail Account
  5. Click X on top of the right corner of the pop up window opened with Create Blog
  6. See the Blogger Dashboard
  7. Look at the left sidebar of your Blogger Dashboard
  8. Scroll down where you can see the Pages or Mga Pahina
  9. Click Pages or Mga Pahina
  10. Click New Page on top of it
  11. Write SF4 or Form 3 as Title
  12. Click the cursor inside post page
  13. Write School Year 2017-2018
  14. Write December below School Year 2017-2018
  15. Click Publish
  16. Click Layout
  17. Scroll down to see the Cross Column 2 with Pages Menu
  18. Click Edit
  19. Click the Square Logo on the left side where SF4 or Form 3 Menu Page appeared. Once it is checked,
  20. Scroll down to see Save
  21. Click Save.
  22. Clik Post on the left sidebar
  23. Click View Blog or Tingnan ang Blog
  24. Click SF4 or Form 3 Menu Page.
  25. Next, you will link your SF reports in Drive to it.

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