Sunday, December 24, 2017

It's Nowhere to Hide One's Excitement

Dr. Hja. Sarah Y. Hayudini, Principal I of Palan Elementary School
Day 1 (December 18, 2017) of the Joint ISD-Indanan NHS Accreditaiton Seminar Workshop turned participants' faces into solemn and serious. Prof. Allen P. Gagara paused his lecture on Game Diagramming and Game Sequence.

"Don't be serious!" advised the participants in a smile mode. "Sports is just a way of life" he added.

All personnel of both elementary and secondary schools were busy taking notes for the significant inputs elucidate by the eloquent lecturers.

Day 2 gathered all the teachers in Timbangan Elementary School Gym, Indanan, Sulu for a short briefing. Just right after the briefing,  little raindrops began falling down. Dispersion of the trainees was evident on the ground strolling to the senior high school building for their respective presentations of various sports events.

At lunch break in Day 2, participants' enthusiasm rose to peculiar mode. As they attentively listened to the subjects and saw the sports equipment, desire to perform practicum surfaced intensely. They could hardly wait for the schedule set by the facilitators. Practicum would be done in Day 3 as agreed by SSA officers, lecturers and facilitators. It was the reason why many teachers did an informal practicum among themselves on their fields of concentration. In the afternoon, light rain continued. Some lecturers decided to start the practicum once the rain would stop. The rain was on and off. The facilitators disliked to waste the time. Hence, they went on with their lectures more than basic.

In Day 3, foggy sky covered the whole horizon with little bit falling rain. Everyone was excited and prepared for the practicum that would be led by facilitators in various sports events. The rain almost lasted for the whole day of December 20, 2017. Timbangan Elementary School and Indanan National High School seemed no playground due to non-stop rhythm of the rain. The participants insisted for the practicum regardless of raindrops. They would be ready to get wet so long as they could perform their learning gained from the topics. The facilitators were reluctant to reject the request of the trainees until they moved all the chairs and tables to the sides of the classrooms. It was nowhere to play though the sports equipment was there. It was nowhere to perform though playground was visible outside to every trainee and facilitator. It was nowhere better place than the classrooms and corridors. 

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