Friday, December 29, 2017

Ma'am Fina is in a Hurry to Receive Her Certificate Because She Departs for Jolo to Grace Rizal Day

Kaugnay na larawan

After receiving certificate of participation for her appearance in the 1-Day District ICT LAC at Spotweb,  4th Floor,  Minpro Mall,  Zamboanga City,  December 27,  2017,  Ma'am Fina bade farewell to Supersam.  She would depart for Jolo in preparation for Rizal Day.  PSDS Sam appreciated the reason of Ma'am Fina.  He mentioned to her that Indanan South District would always be there every Rizal Day. 

Last year,  Indanan South District teachers were so proud of displaying their banner in Rizal Park,  Jolo,  Sulu.  They attended the ceremony just to show love, honor and respect to Dr.  Jose P.  Rizal,  the national hero of the Philippines. The personnel of the ISD were in a constant witness over the celebration of Rizal Day in Jolo, Sulu.

PSDS Moore talked well with Ma'am Fina and Ma'am Mel about the upcoming Rizal Day. He asked excuse from them not to be there this time while they and other personnel would be encouraged to grace Rizal Day.

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