Friday, December 8, 2017

Mukammali-Langpas ES Incident Causes 1 Dead and 4 Wounded

1 dead and 4 wounded residents of sitio Sagay, Langpas, Indanan, Sulu happened when some gunmen residing near the vicinity of Langpas Elementary School attacked the house of residents fronting Mukammali Elementary School last November 19, 2017 in the morning. The cause of the incident was family dispute. One of the casualties from Mukammali Elementary School was uncle-in-law of the principal of Langpas Elementary School.

Both classes in Mukammali Elementary School and Langpas Elementary School are disrupted since November 20, 2017 to present. The distance of two warring parties is just a kilometer away from each other. The two groups continue harassing one after the other almost everyday. Thus, people of Langpas Elementary School and Mukammali Elementary School are on evacuation scattered in Barangay Lambayong, Barangay Kuppong, Barangay Katian, Barangay Paligue, Barangay Poblacion and Barangay Pasil.

After doing some steps, discussions, sharing and planning for the better responses, the EiE (Education in Emergency) team spearheaded by district DRRRMC (Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council) Coordinator, Faisal A. Kadil and Supersam entered Barangay Lambayong Social Hall where most of the residents of Mukammali Elementary School stay last December 4, 2017. Teachers of both schools were with the team except the principal of Langpas Elementary School. They met some of the school children and PTA officers of the school.

Afterwards, the team proceeded to school campus of Mukammali Elementary School. Along with them were the PTA officers, parents and some school children. They gathered themselves on the school stage for  sharing updates on the incident. They came to agreement that school children should sit in Poblacion Elementary School.

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