Thursday, December 28, 2017

SSA Applauds Indanan South District for Their Success in the 4-Day Accreditation Seminar Workshop

In the closing ceremony last December 21, 2017, Sulu Sports Association headed by the President, Mr. Tony K. Asanji, Secondary School Principal of Indanan National High School, Allen P. Gagra, MSU-Sulu Professor, DepED-Sulu Division PESS Coordinator, Mr. Alnasir I. Said and other SSA officers, lecturers and facilitators applauded the Indanan South District participants for their success in the conduct of 4-Day District Enhancement Seminar Workshop Clinic and Accreditation for Coaching and Officiating with a theme: “PROMOTING PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND SCHOOL SPORTS: EFFECTIVE COACHING AND OFFICIATING” that was started and successfully closed at Timbangan Elementary School Gym from December 18-21, 2017.

Mr. Allen P. Gagara wholeheartedly expressed his grateful salute and significant recommendations to the Public Schools District Supervisor, Mr. Samoore S. Ladjahali for a worthwhile conduct of next Indanan South District Meet 2018 and best selection of best qualified athletes to Sulu Provincial Athletic Association Meet 2018. He vigorously suggested the adoption of 7 asides category in soccer football competition. Similarly, the other facilitators in the different sports events strongly elucidated the minimum number of players that might possibly play in basketball, volleyball and sepak takraw.

SSA ended the Joint Indanan South District-Indanan National High School Accerditation Seminar Workshop with distribution of two certificates and preparation of personal plastic identification card. One Certificate of Participation was issued to every participant and one Certificate of Membership of every participant in the Sulu Sports Association. Certificate of Recognition signed by Mr. Tony K. Asanji and Mr. Samoore S. Ladjahali was also presented to every facilitators.

The most awaited part which was the closing program lasted for half day of the 21st day of December, 2017. Before it started, an open forum took place intelligently. Critical clarifications and queries echoed noisily in Timbangan Elementary School Gym. Several participants voiced out their doubts, hesitance, confusions and other forms of questions that they would surely expect to happen in the sports competition. Mr. Tony K. Asanji was so expert in the management of open forum. Some participants almost appeared dissatisfied with the responses while others made the issues more complicated. The open forum seemed to end with unanswered interrogations decorated with argumentations. Fortunately, there were eloquent management and prominent figures who were so expert in the field of sports from the Sulu Sports Association. They made the closure most triumphant and commendable sports activity wherein the participants, facilitators and the management enjoyed the different numbers in the program led by the master of ceremony.

Impression was one of the parts that made closing ceremony more inviting to all participants. People to impress were Mrs. Delda J. Amdan, TIC of Dayuan Elementary School and Annex, Mrs. Adawiya J. Akmad, Teacher I of Panglima Mammah Elementary School and one volunteer teacher from Indnan National High School, Timbangan-Annex. They had similar feelings over their gratitude and salutation to the organizers and facilitators of the 4-Day Joint Indanan South District-Indanan National High School Accreditation Seminar Workshop that made them equipped with all the knowledge, basic skills, rules and regulations of the different sports events. They specifically mentioned the optimum time, the nearness of the venue and the affordable expenses for them to enjoy and officially grasp the activity.

Commitment entered the next number in the program. It was led by Mrs. Karna H. Abdusaid, Teacher I from Kasambuhan Village Elementary School. It seriously turned the participants to look solemn and humorless as they tried to repeat those words after Mrs. Abdusaid.

Mr. Juhnor A. Sanaani, Teacher I from Pasil Elementary School caught the attention of all facilitators when began to sound melodiously over the microphone with a common song of Rod Stewart. Unhesitantly, one of the facilitators chorused with him along every lines of the song until the end.

In the end, facilitators and offciers of SSA, as called in by the emcee did the group picture taking with different schools of Indanan South District and Indanan National High School one after the other.

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