Sunday, December 31, 2017

Thank You Madam for Having Picture With My Former Boss

Present SDS Dr. Tim J. Undain-Sanchez and F
ormer SDS Ibrahim A. Albar
I can never forget the date. It was June 19, 1989 when he approved my application as substitute teacher for two months vice Ma'am Sitti Lina Asjali who filed maternity leave of absence from Timpok Primary School, Patikul District. I was fresh BEE graduate that time passing the competitive exam with a 5th rank divisionwide.

After two months, I tried to enter his noble office asking for provisional teaching position. As I entered his room before having seated, I greeted him assalamu alaykum.

"Wa alaykumus salam, would you like to be a teacher?" his instant reply. "Choose, Pata, Tongkil, Pangutaran?" he added.

I was stunned and sat down speechlessly. After some minutes, I began to respond his generous words.

"Can I have a 3-day chance for me to consult first my aged parents, Sir?" I begged of him.

Permission was granted. I used the time for consultation with my friends in DECS. Several advised me not to accept while others urged me to do it. Their opinions made me difficult to decide at once.

Finally, Sir Albar comforted me by saying, "Alright, you have to wait for the moment there would be vacancy in mainlad."

Sir Albar promised me to have teaching opportunity soon when he learned that I ranked 5th in the Division Competitive Exam. It lasted until January 1991, my continued services as provisional substitute teacher in Patikul, Jolo, Pangutaran and Indanan District. Those days, substitute teacher had almost the same enjoyment with those plantilla item teachers especially in terms of salary. The salary of the substitute teacher simultaneously arrived with those in the plantilla position.

In closing, I saw my name written in bold letters on the division bulletin board directing me to see SDS Sir Albar. Thank you very much for having the provisional teacher's appointment signed on January 18, 1991 with teaching assignment at Panglima Indanan Central School, Indanan District.

On the left side lady SDS is Madam Tim who rose to division office as OIC in September, 2007. It was her time my appointment as head teacher 3 attested by the Civil Service. Until where I am today  as PSDS, she's still my boss.

When I graduated high school, Sir Albar was a person from DECS confirmed me as one of the candidates for graduation. I received my diploma thru his hand.

My sincere and profound gratefulness to both of you, Madam Tim and Sir Albar.

Supersam, Composer

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