Thursday, December 14, 2017

Unconsciously Shooting Two Birds with One Pebble

PSDS Moore stepped down from his house ot his ISD Office with full intention that he and Ziz would be going as far as Barangay Manggis, Barangay Kabbunmaas, Barangay Lambayong and Barangay Katian today. After being seated on his chair, Ziz of Pathways entered saying, "Shall we go, Sir"
"Is your hilux ready? Supersam interrogated. "It's rainy season. Motorcycle is not fit for you. We're used to get wet of the raindrops" he continued.

She smiled and responded, "I did not drive it. We just hire any vehicle" she added.

PSDS Sam rose from his chair and went of the gate looking for some available tamaraw. He proceeded to the other side of the warehouse asking some friends to help find vehicle but there was none. He returned to his office gate where saw one arriving tamaraw and stopped at the gate. He noticed teachers of Mukammali Elementary School getting into the vehicle. He was aware of it because Melda I. Adug, Head Teacher III of Mukammali Elementary School sent some text messages early that morning telling him about their trip to Poblacion Elementary School. Suddenly, teachers of Langpas Elementary School were next to get into the vehicle.

"Where are you going, Langpas teachers?" Sir Sam asked.

"We are going to our school" the teachers answered in chorus.

"To Langpas?" Sir Moore questioned. "Wow, hero indeed!" PSDS uncertainly appreciated.

The PSDS and Ziz got into the same vehicle with the teachers purposely to firstly visit Barangay Lambayong. Ziz was in the front seat while Supersam at the back. Sir Moore began to think deeply that he should be with Langpas teachers for assessment the situation of students and parents residing in the vicinity of the school without telling Ziz what thought. As the tamaraw went beyond Barangay Lambayong, Ziz reminded PSDS. Perhaps, she asked the driver where Barangay Lambayong was.

"Sir, we already passed by Lambayong accordingly" Ziz exclaimed.

"Yes, but we have to go with them first until this tamaraw will be with us for our trip" PSDS explained.

"Ok, alright!" Ziz replied.

The tamaraw directly entered the campus of Langpas Elementary School. There was nobody except two cows. Sir Sam led the teachers getting off the tamaraw for picture taking before the stage tagged with Langpas Elementary School. Then he briefed the teachers that they should not stay longer after visiting at least two or three houses having parents that might help them disseminate the announcement for the temporary classes of learners either in Poblacion Elementary School, Sapie Primary School or Pasil Elementary School starting the first day of classes in January, 2018.

PSDS and teachers met a potential male resident near the school telling committing them to disseminate the aim of the teachers to all parents of students. He is Sali Sifatar S. Madjid. He also confirmed that schooling would be back after 15-day vacation because detachment camp of the AFP would be expected in Langpas. PSDS recommended not to have AFP camp near the school or he would be hesitant to let teachers conduct classes in the school nearly occupied by government forces. So, Salip Madjid assured that it would not happen for the sake of school children. He also admitted that AFP camp should be a little bit further from the school campus.

The teachers bade farewell to some residents near the school. As their tamaraw ran more or less two hundred meters away from the school, they noticed some houses with parents living between the area of attackers and the victims in Mukammali Elementary School. PSDS and teachers got off to greet those parents and convey the announcement relative to the temporary classes in the above-mentioned schools by January, 2018. Accordingly, the residents leave their houses every night except daytime. They sleep in other barangays at night time for their safety because both warring groups are prone to fighting everyday.

Another bird was the prime target of PSDS and Ziz. Langpas Elementary School teachers were delayed for going back to Jolo because their driver already agreed to deliver the two to Barangay Lambayong and Barangay Katian. Ziz reminded Sir Sam not to proceed to other listed barangays because their agreement in the district office was just visit the two barangays.

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