Friday, December 15, 2017

Ziz Validates Unserved Barangay Lambayong and Barangay Katian

PATHWAYS Field Coordinator, Zizwinhar Jupli accompanied by Supersam and Langpas Elementary School teachers last December 14, 2017 personally stepped on the Barangay Hall of Lambayong and Katian, Indanan, Sulu. She aimed to personally dialogue with both barangay officials over the necessary data for assessment why their barangays  are unserved.

Apah Karim Sailama, Barangay Chairperson of Lambayong welcomed Ziz warmly to his long-time constructed Barangay Hall. PSDS Moore took pictures of them while they started talking. The Barangay Chair was hesitant to respond some questions of Ziz that looked approximated answers. Supersam interferred in their conversation so that time would not take so long. The tamaraw vehicle hired by Langpas Elementary School teachers was in a standby mode with teachers inside.

It was almost an-hour interview before the tamaraw was switched for the next barangay, Katian, Indanan, Sulu. Barangay Katian is chaired by Taib Ahajan, brother of former acting mayor of Indanan, Hon. Hussein Ahajan. His Barangay Hall was just simply made of bamboos and lumbers. The open field just the right side of Ziz is a personally-owned parcel of land that could be donated, according to the Barangay Chair for school site.

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