Saturday, January 6, 2018

1-Day District Orientation on School Conflict Emergency Preparedness

Sir Quiedong and Sir Jimmy conducted 1-Day District Orientation on School Conflict Emergency Peparedness for Mukammali Elementary School and Langpas Elementary School teachers, school heads and PTA officers in the Indanan South District Office yesterday, January 5, 2018. It was agreed in the meeting with the ISD DRRMC team and school heads of both mentioned schools in preparation for their observance of classes in their respective schools beginning Monday, January 9, 2018.

Sir Quiedong started the learning session with some photos of illusions. Whoever looks at every photo would have seen different from what other saw in the photo. One of the photos being illustrated by the presenter was an image of the book. It was apparently open. The appearance of the book seemed towards the viewers or back to them. Both position of the are correct. It depends on the viewers. The lesson behind that illusion was every gigantic problem would not mean no more solution or there would be solution but it would be impossible to realize it. It does not imply that there would be no more ease for a certain conflict occurred in our school or possibility for the education services of teachers to students should no longer be put into consultative discussions.

Presentation proper expounded those areas such as: RA 10121; DRRMCs Network; NDRRM Framework; Risk Contributors; Principle of NDRRMF; DRRM Aspects; Prevention and Mitigation; Preparedness; Response; Rehabilitation and Recovery; and DRRM in DepED. These topics were thoroughly elucidated by Sir Quiedong in the morning with the assistance of Sir Roy in laptop and projector. Sir Quiedong was so eloquent presenter. The session was dismissed at 11:30 in the morning considering Friday as the noblest day for the teachers.

In the afternoon supposedly agreed with the participants, the continuation of the morning’s session should start at 1:30 PM. Unluckily, raindrops was heavily falling down Jolo and some parts of Indanan. The weather condition made the participants arrive late in the afternoon. So, Sir Quiedong set a little bit extension of time. He turned over the laptop and projector to Sir Jimmy whose lecture focused on Education in Emergency.

Sir Jimmy appeared nice discussant before Mukammali Elementary School and Langpas Elementary School teachers and parents. He went deeper into these topics: Some EiE Basic Principles; Legal Instruments; Conceptual Framework for Phases of Emergency; Impact of Emergencies; Our Mission; EiE Minimum Standards; Development of INEE Minimum Standards; and Education Response in Phases of Emergency.

Lastly, Sir Quiedong had been back again to the projector and laptop after Sir Jimmy with his Education in Emergency. He geared the participants to the most interesting activities. The practicum seemed role play. Participants were grouped into A and B. They were instructed to face one another. They waited for the command of Sir Quiedong what they would be doing. One of the instances could be viewed in the lines below.

“A, B is in front of you now!” Sir Quiedong instructed. “That B in front of you is the 2nd wife of your husband. Now, show to us in action your feeling of anger at her” Sir Quiedong finalized.

Sir Quiedong advised participants to detect the stress profound of those school children affected by armed conflict in order for the children would be able to grasp whatever learning and skills imparted to them by their learning facilitators. He expounded the practicum in a simile. He likened a child into a memory card. If the card is already filled up with so many files, there would no spaces for the incoming or new files unless deletion would be made. So, expression of emotions by way of practicum or putting into action either anger, anxiety, hatred, fear or any emotional feelings is the best way of elimination one’s stress profound. He ended the day’s orientation passed 5:00 PM.

Sir Moore brought Sir Quiedong, Sir Jimmy, Sir Roy and other ISD school officials to Kid-Kid Coffee Shop, Km. 2, Kajatian, Indanan, Sulu. It was there where other agreement emerged. It was about revisit to both schools by February, 2018.

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