Sunday, January 14, 2018

DepED Releases Various Guidelines for the Implementation of SPG and SSG since 2001

This blog presents the different guidelines, mandates and legal basis for the implementation of Supreme Pupil Government (SPG) for all public elementary schools and Supreme Student Government (SSG) for all public secondary schools. DepED was DECS at that time when DECS Order No. 37 s. 2001 dated August 02, 2001 was released signed by Isagani R. Cruz, Undersecretary of DECS.
DECS Order No. 37 s. 2001 (Synchronized Student Government) needed to employ an organizational mechanism for student governments that focuses on the following objectives:
  1. To sustain student government programs directed at enhancing organizational management
  2. To implement a systematized transition or turning over of duties and responsibilities from one batch of officers to another
  3. To conduct a strategic planning of student activities and leadership training for student officers
  4. To synchronized a high school student government election period in order to provide general trend of major student activities through the calendar year.
The following shall guide the conduct of school elections:
  1. From February up to May 2002 and every year thereafter, outgoing and incoming officers shall work together to provide a transitional phase of leadership
  2. Only freshmen, sophomore and junior student of the present year can qualify to run as candidates for the February election, incoming freshmen for School Year 2002-2003 and thereafter shall elect in the last week of June their batch representatives, the number of which shall depend on the enrollment as determined by the school head. 

        200 - 300 enrollees              =                    1 representative
        301 - 400 enrollees              =                    2 representatives
        401 - 500 ernollees              =                    3 representatives
        501 + enrollees                    =                    4 representatives
  1. An adequate filing, screening and campaign period of two weeks must be provided to all  candidates in order to ensure the observance of democratic processes
  2. Campus-wide Presidential and Vice Presidential Public Debates are encouraged to underscore the candidates' platforms.
DepED Order No. 45 s. 2007 dated July 09, 2007 signed by Jesli A. Lapus, Secretary started to enjoin the Institutionalization of the Supreme Pupil Government in All Elementary Schools Nationwide. The Supreme Pupil Government shall have the following objectives:
  1. Develop love of God and country, moral character, personal discipline, leadership potentials, self-confidence and initiative among the pupils
  2. Train pupils for effective and efficient leadership
  3. Establish programs and projects that will promote goodwill, unity and cooperation between and among pupils
  4. Serve and protect pupils' rights and welfare
  5. Provide a good environment for learning, training and growth opportunities
  6. Contribute to a school aspirations to promote quality education and academic excellence
  7. Represent the pupil population in the policy-making body of the school concerning pupils' welfare.
Under the guidance of school administration, the SPG shall implement programs, projects and activities that shall include Clean and Green Campaigns, Environmental Programs, Health Campaigns, English Speaking and Reading Campaigns, Brigada Eskwela, Leadership Trainings and other related activities. 

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