Saturday, January 6, 2018

FGD Warns Parents from Committing Violations in Mukammali Elementary School

It was almost lunch time when DRRMC Team left Langpas Elementary School to Mukammali Elementary School headed by melda I. Adug, Head Teacher III. The team was in a hurry expecting to catch up the time for them to hold FGD (Focused Group Discussion) with the parents and community members in Mukammali Elementary School. They did not take their pack lunch in Langpas Elementary School but they loaded it to the tamaraw vehicle proceeding to Muakammali ES where Melda I. Adug and her teachers were busy preparing for the FGD between the DRRMC team and the residents of Mukammali ES.

The first activity done by Sir Quiedong was inspection of the damages caused by armed conflict last November 19, 2017. Melda escorted Sir Quiedong from room to room where some marks of the bullets could be seen for pictures. Sir Quiedong was busy taking pictures of the damages.

“Excuse, Sir Quiedong, what do we call this?” Sir Moore asked pointed to sliced trunks of coconut trees stood on the corridor of Mukammali Elementary Schools.

So, the FGD was started inside the classroom of the newly-constructed school building of Mukammali ES. Sir Quiedong began to emphasize the aims of the team in connection with the continuous education services between teachers and the learners. Sir Quiedong mentioned some violations that should be avoided to happen in the school when certain armed conflict occurred in the school. Utilization of the school as barricade is a major violation for anyone who used it. He warned parents to be cautious because it would be enough ground for the closure of the school once it would be reported to the authority especially DepED.

Supersam was the next speaker before the audience in Mukammali Elementary School. He firstly expressed his appreciation to Mukammali Elementary School teachers for their commitment to report to said school by Monday, January 8, 2018 as declared by the school head, Melda I. Adug during the planning preparation in Indanan South District Office last January 3, 2018. He warned the parents not to wonder why teachers instructing school children the different practicum in preparation for the incoming violence which would be beyond one's comprehension. The teachers could not yet conduct formal instruction as before because children residing in the vicinity where armed conflict occurred last November 19, 2017 would be expected suffering from stress profound. It would be; therefore; taken into consideration how that stress inserted in their minds be eradicated so that interest and concentration for learning would be back to normal.

Those men behind the PSDS in the photo except Tuan Amin Ajini, Barangay Captain of Langpas were heavily equipped with guns listening to the FGD held inside the classroom of Mukammali Elementary School. Supermoore touched it in his message. He warned them not to approach the school campus with their guns during class hours so that the school children would not misinterpret them or the children might think to have armed conflict in the nearby areas where they are. Alhamdulillah, they showed their cooperation beginning to hide their guns in their houses while the others began to put away themselves from the DRRMC team.

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