Friday, January 5, 2018

2nd Incoming Newly-hired Learning Facilitator Arrives for Panglima Ahajan ES

I thought she was the newly-hired learning facilitator deployed for Bunot Elementary School when she humbly approached me for her new task that she would have been longing so long.

"Are you, Ma'am Radzma Abdulkadil?" Supersam asked.

"No, Sir, I am Balma A. Mukarram" she responded.

"Anong ang maitutulong ko sa 'yo?" tanong ng PSDS.

"Mastal aku, Sir ba'gu para pa Panglima Ahajan" sagot ng newly-hired learning facilitator.

"Wow, ang ganda!" commented by Sir Sam.

"Okay, sege, lingkud an kaw muna duun para umatend sin orientation yan" pakiusap ng Super.

At ISD Office this morning, January 5, 2018, Sir Quiedong, Sir Jimmy and Sir Roy were already in setting up for the projector for the PowerPoint presentation on Conflict Education for both Mukammali ES and Langpas ES teachers and PTA officers. Hence, PSDS had no space to entertain and provide professional and instructional advice for the new incoming teacher assigned at Panglima Ahajan Elementary School headed by Mussah A. Arabain, Head Teacher III.

As the morning session ended, Ma'am Balma got near again to Sir Moore requesting, "Sir, shall I go home now?"

"Alright,  just be back this afternoon because it is whole day" Sir Sam answered.

"Sir, please, excuse me not to be here back because I have to ask permission to leave from my guardians there. But I'll be back on Monday for reporting" Ma'am Balma requested.

"Granted, pass by the district office first for formal talks about your deployment" advised by Super.

"Yes, Sir" she committed.

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