Wednesday, January 3, 2018

It's How Sir Quiedong Effort for Mukammali-Langpas ES Situation

Today's afternoon was the second day of Agaton in PAR (Philippine Area of Responsibility) that made Sir Essquierdo "Quiedong" Jumadain, DepED-Sulu Division DRRMC Coordinator completely wet of the raindrops arriving in the Indanan South District Office, January 3, 2018. He was scared of being hypocrite if he could not be on time that he set for the meeting with PSDS, school heads, teachers and other concerned for the disruption of classes in Mukammali ES and Langpas ES.

In the guardhouse of Indanan South District Office, PSDS Sam urged his colleagues, Cmdr. H-man, Faijal, Alyasir and Faisal to wait for Sir Quiedong's arrival. The ISD school officials had just arrived from Lovelife where they took their lunch. They left the district while the rain continued falling down. Likewise, they left Lovelife under the rhythm of the falling rain.

At about after fifteen minutes of their stay in the guardhouse, Sir Quiedong in his motorcycle parked at the gate. Immediately, Cmdr. H-man opened the gate and let him in. PSDS Moore was so touched upon seeing Sir Quiedong who was totally wet.

"Your are so afraid of being in the list of those who are hypocrite" Sir Moore uttered.

"How can we read what is in the mind of someone?" Sir Quiedong asked. "Sir Samoore read what was in my mind" he went on.

After a while, Melda I. Adug, Head Teacher III of Mukammali Elementary School appeared in the scene saying, "You should not get wet, Sir." "You should standby first until the rain would stop" she suggested worriedly.

PSDS Sam told him that the Barangay Captain was not yet around. So, Sir Quiedong should take some rest first todry himself.

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