Monday, January 8, 2018

Mukammali ES Updates PSDS Moore About Their Reporting Today

Supersam's heart was with Mukammali Elementary and Langpas Elementary School teachers since last concerning their first resumption of classes today, January 8, 2017 after being disrupted since November 20, 2017. He was waiting for them in the ISD Office till in the afternoon. Unfortunately, the teachers of both schools arrived in the district office when PSDS Sam was in the coffee shop with his district liaison officer, utility worker and the school head of Sapie Primary School.

When PSDS Moore was already home, mobile message came from Sir Quiedong asking, "Salam, Sir Samoore! How is Mukammali ES and Langpas ES? Were they able to report to their schools today?"

"Yes, Sir Quiedong" Sir Moore replied.

"Alhamdullillah, Ya Rab!" Sir Quiedong happily responded.

After a while, Sir Sam sent text message to the school head of Mukammali ES, Melda I. Adug asking, "Salam, how was there in school?"

Came a reply from the school head, "Alhamdulillah, there were lots of school children. Some parents were there watching their children. We were able to start some of the prescribed activities. The armed men were still there watching the house of Utu' Mheng. Likewise, the Armed Forces of the Philippines were still in DayCare. So far, there was no man-made calamity happened. We, all teachers were there except Shernalyn A. Alibbun who was in training for ICT at Review Center."

Supermoore appreciatively replied, "I salute your leadership." 

"We just complied, Sir what has been incumbent upon us" Melda answered. "They were all also there, teachers of Langpas Elementary School. Children were also there but not all according to them. Similarly, they also performed some activities based on their sharing while were in the jeep. We arrived in district office at about 4:00 PM. We tried to wait for you while you were in coffee shop, accordingly. But we did not stay longer that was why we did not catch your time" she explained.

Sir Sam forwarded all the text messages to Sir Quiedong.

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