Sunday, January 14, 2018

Prof. Albert M. Santoli Sponsors School Mass Feeding Program in 9 Schools of ISD

Pupils of Palan ES raising white bond paper written with their wholehearted
 thanks to Prof. Albert M. Santoli
Prof. Albert M. Santoli, President of Asia America Initiative, sponsored the School Mass Feeding Program for four days before and after the conduct of 3rd Quarter Examination in nine schools of Indanan South District such as Kasambuhan Village Elementary School, Pasil Elementary School, Cmdr. Bara Jalaidi Elementary School, Sapah Malawm Elementary School, Sapie Primary School, Palan Elementary School, Mukammali Elementary School, Langpas Elementary School and Panglima Misuari Primary School. The SMFP aimed to make pupils happy and motivated to take the 3rd Quarter Examination in their respective schools without bothering themselves from lunch in the school. Their examinations were from January 11-12, 2018. So, free lunch from AAI in partnership with the schools and parents began last January 10, 2018 and ended on January 13, 2018.

At first, Prof. Santoli tapped only Kasambuhan Village Elementary School and Pasil Elementary School. However, he needed more small schools having one hundred fifty officially-enrolled learners to be in the program. Thus, he chatted Supermoore, the Public Schools District Supervisor of Indanan South District. Supersam suggested Cmdr. Bara Jalaidi Elementary School, Sapah Malawm Elementary School and Sapie Primary School. He though those small schools had just the number of students demanded by Prof. Santoli. As he found out the excess, Supermoore made sorry to Prof. Santoli. Prof. Santoli accepted it without retrieving the inclusion of said schools possessing 79 pupils of Cmdr. Bara Jalaidi ES, 80 students of Sapah Malawm ES and 26 learners from Sapie PS with a grand total of one hundred eighty-five enrollees.

Sir Moore asked Prof. Santoli if he could include Palan Elementary School having two hundred twenty-one enrollees. Prof. Albert approved the request of Sir Sam. A dialogue box in Facebook Messenger was formed by Supermoore for all the school heads or school ICT coordinators involved in the SMFP. The program was extended to other schools until it became nine schools enjoying the SMFP when the school heads met with Prof. Santoli in the dialogue box.

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