Monday, January 8, 2018

Prof. Albert M. Santoli to PSDS Moore: Do two or three school experiment at ISD

In the evening of January 6, 2018, Prof. Albert M. Santoli, President of AAI chatted Supersam in Facebook messenger. Sir Moore added first Nur-aisha A. Gonzales, Principal of Kasambuhan Village Elementary School and Faisal A. Kadil, Head Teacher III of Pasil Elementary School. Then he asked the two school heads to reply Prof.

"Brother Samoore: In the midst of all of our storms and earthquakes on both sides of the ocean. I would like your permission to do a two or three school experiment at ISD with Pasil, Kasambuhan and one smaller school so they can have mass lunch feeding all next week before and during the national exams. This will be to see impact of eating properly on children during exam period." 

Sir Moore added first Nur-aisha A. Gonzales, Principal of Kasambuhan Village Elementary School and Faisal A. Kadil, Head Teacher III of Pasil Elementary School. Then he asked the two school heads to reply Prof.

"Which additional small ISD school besides Pasil and Kasambuhan should we add? Needs to be under 150 pupils for AAI budget reasons. Your choice of schools" Prof. asked for small schools as additional.

Sir Sam suggested, "Cmdr. Bara, Sapah Malawm and Sapie have less than 150 school children."

"It nice sir if let other school in ISD would benefit the mass feeding... pupils would love to have meal..." Nur-aisha A. Gonzales suggested.

Prof repeated, "If we do this assessment feeding very well, then I can raise the funds with donors here who specialize in child health and education. AAI and ISD know this value and we are a leading project in the world on this issue of school-based integration of programs."

Sir Sam suggested, "Can we include Palan ES?"

"Let's see... Palan has how many pupils now?" Prof. asked.

"221" Sir Moore calculated.

"It is sort of a stretch of AAI funds, but if you believe Palan is valuable for the assessment approach, And tis is an assessment... I will be willing to stretch... 6 pesos per child per day for 5 days continuous of before and during the exams on 11th and 12th next week. We wll just trust that Allah will provide the necessary funds." Prof. asserted.

"We will hear from Palan ES, Sarah Hayudini later on after passing by of the weak signal" PSDS requested.

"This is good Bro Samoore.... it is good to have a chat forum like this so we all understand each other's idea and circumstances of how we can manage support and a budget that we can all benefit" Prof. concluded. "Being from across the ocean I will try to be good at listening to ISD ideas and then we can exchange what is possible and how we can sustain programs with 12 month program plans and goals" he continued.

Hja. Sarah came in, "Salam,,Sir we are thankful if we are included in feeding program."

"Very good. We welcome Palan to the feeding assessment program. Sorry about my typos.... also have our school principals and AAI team in Cuartero updating on needs before they go to sleep there"

"Its okay sir.. we are used to sleep late.. thank you for the assistance" Nur-aisha interfered.

"Dear friends: To recap the plan: 6 pesos per day per each child for big pots of nutritious soups and arroz caldo etc. Because of expanded school num ber... for 5 days before and during the exams on Jan 11 and 12" Prof. recapped. "For Teacher Jainab pick up: Palan = 6,630; Sapah, Bara and Sapie = 3,430 pesos; Total = 11,000 pesos. 6 pesos per child per day for 5 days" hes estimated.

Juaisa came in by the next night, "In behalf of sapah malaum,i would like to thanks sir albert for including us in your feeding program,..allah bless u more sir."

Also Nagz followed, "Thank you very much Prof. for the feeding program that you extended to the school children of Cmdr. Bara Jalaidi E/S. May ALLAH bless you always."

Prof said, "Welcome. I am just waking up here at 7 am. I believe that when the smaller schools should be included in the feeding and in the original discussion with Super Samoore that out goal of the MOBE schools is school based community, that we try our bet when we have a program especially feeding that all pupils without exception may enjoy and benefit together. Sorry for all my typos, but I have neem multi-tasking all week. I apologize to any school in need that is not included in AAI program, as you know our philosophy of all pupils eat together is different than the Gawad Kalinga system of only 20 percent eat and 80 percent watch because that divides rather than unites a community. If our assessment this week goes well, I can hopefully get more funding to include more schools. InshaAllah." "We will stay at 6 pesos per child because pooling those funds to make big pots of nutritious food and soups to share will feed many more children, Alhamdulillah" he added. "Thanks Super Samoore for your understanding of AAI's strengths and limitations. We need to a a SWOT assessment: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Thoughts [Recommendations to Improve Program]. After the Third Quarter exams I hope the participating schools and ISD leaders can do this assessment with me. it will benefit all the schools" he continued.

"Prof. I regret to inform you exceeding number of enrollment of Cmdr. Bara = 79, Sapah Malawm = 80 and Sapie 26. But anyway, Jainab divided it according to percentage of the enrollment in Palan, Cmdr. Bara, Sapah and Sapie this afternoon in my presence" PSDS explained.

"Are we okay now with amount? I must have used 2016-17 school attendance numbers. We are transparent and honest. So its all good" Prof. asked.

"Palan 221 + Sapah Malawm 80 + Cmdr. 79 + Sapie 26 = 400 enrollees. Palan has 55% of 400, Sapah has 20%, Cmdr. Bara has 19% Sapie has 6%; therefore; Jainab gave 55% of 11K to Palan; 20% of 11K to Sapah; 19% of 11K to Cmdr. Bara; and 6% of 11K to Sapie. Thank your, Prof." Sir Sam broke down the computation.

"Salam. So we have enough for all the kids to eat now. I am just waking. Math skills still in Dreamland Hahaha" Prof. laughed.

"Only Sapie was met by Jainab this PM. He was happy to receive the amount and ready to ask counterparts from the parents. Accordingly, he was already updated by his ICT coordinator, Lhyn Essan" PSDS Sam reported.

"Great. Alhamdulillah. Good luck to everyone on the exams this week" Prof. happily said.

"Mukammali and Langpas started reporting today. Alhamdulillah, classes resumed without any man-made calamity as texted by Melda Adug a while ago. Langpas is included in DepED feeding program but Mukammali is not" Sir Sam answered.

"Should we include Mukamalli for the 2 days of tests? How many pupils?" Prof. asked.

"Was there allocated amount for feeding in the amount given to 3 of them Poblacion, Langpas and Mukammali" Sir Moore specified.

"Should we include Mukamalli for the 2 days of tests? How many pupils?"

"Was there allocated amount for feeding in the amount given to 3 of them Poblacion, Langpas and Mukammali?"

"Has DepEd program already started actual lunch didtribution?"

"Orientation has just done today in DepED."

"I heard that 10K has been given to those 3 schools. I think no need to include if some amount would be spent for feeding in Mukammali."

"He he he. . . you're the Boss of AAI, Prof."

"Just let me know about Mukammali. Thurs-Fri. All students 5 pesos per student. I am already way over budget. But exams are important. And we are also doing a lot in Cuartero flood area. AAI fsmily there really hurting. We are buying blankets - expensive.
I will TI first the school head of Mukammali"


"This is the glamorous life. Still in my pajamas w eyes half open trying to budget. Hahaha Cuartero team also calling in for blanket prices. Love you all!!! MashaaAllah."

"May your multiple righteous deeds be increased and rewarded by Him."

"Thanks. SuperSam. I will make some tea to try to be clear thinking now. Ahhh the glamorous life. Hahaha. IsPang Misuari in DepEd GK program?"

"It isn't. Welcome."

"How many pupils at pang Misuari Bartering for blanket prices with Korean merchants in Iloilo. They are charging 135 per blanket. We trying to get price down to 120 for 500 blankets. That saves funds we can use for school feeding there. Every peso matters. So for pang Mis we would also do thurs and Fri. 6 pesos per child because small population. How many kids?"

"37, Prof."

"Done at 7 pesos per child fir Weds thru Friday at Pang Mis. Because of small population."

"Will send funds to Jainab? How many st Mukammali?"

"177, Prof."

"Weds  tru Fri for M ukamalli at 5 presos per child x 177 pupils x 3 days. Ai yai yai.... I'm bartering with myself now.   Alhamdulillah."

"He he he. . . thank you, Prof."

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