Thursday, January 11, 2018

PSDS to Ma'am Radzma: I will give you chances to decide until dawn break of Januray 12, 2018

Ma'am Radzma U. Abdulkadil, newly-deployed teacher to Bunot Elementary School arrived with her RS Honda motorcycle after almost an hour of mobile contact dialed by her immediate superior, Ma'am Jurmainna H. Hunding in the morning of January 11, 2018. She preferred to park her motorcycle outside near the office gate but PSDS Moore urged her to enter the garage. 

"You may now enter the office and just wait for me there for some minutes. Your superior is already there inside" Sir Sam entertained her.

It did not last for even ten minutes when PSDS Moore got inside the ISD Office. He called on the two teachers to occupy the two vacant plastic chairs.

Sir Moore started the dialogue, "Ma'am Radz, you have a nice motorcycle like mine which is also RS. What do you observe the road to your school, Bunot Elementary School? In your 1-day experience to Bunot, was the road so good for you to drive your RS going to Bunot Elementary School?"

She smiled and responded, "It's also okay, Sir. But I already requested Ma'am Jurmainna for my stay in Jolo without reporting to Bunot while waiting for the arrival of my attested appointment. I will be back once my appointment was already in my hands."

"Ma'am Jurmainna already texted me what you said" Supersam admitted. As an instructional leader and administrative manager like Ma'am Jurmainna, we informed our appointing authority, RG Mujiv S. Hataman about your decision last. At about past 10:00 o'clock last night mobile messages from Madam SDS, Dr. Tim J. Undain-Sanchez, FRIEdr rang my Vivo 5 for me to give you some advice to fail your decision without compulsion, Ma'am Radz" Supermoore explained.

At first, Sir Moore did not go over the text messages sent by SDS but he forced himself to put out his Vivo 5 in a sense that Ma'am Radz was firmed not to withdraw her decision. Before that, Sir Moore asked her what the reasons made her to discontinue her reporting to Bunot Elementary School.

"Because, Sir she would suffer from double expenses for my payment for the hired vehicle to Bunot Elementary School" Ma'am Radz presented. "And she would fetch me with the jeep to my home. So, it looks a big problem for her" Ma'am Radz added.

Supermoore replied, "Ma'am Radz, it is the practice of our district schools to cover up first the payment of the teacher whose salary is not yet approved. The drive is also understanding to the teacher and the driver also passes by the house of teacher where the tamaraw is possible to pick up the teachers to avoid delay to school. What was your agreement with Ma'am Jurmainna regarding fare for the tamaraw? Has she to pay it, Ma'am Jurmainna the moment her salary arrives monthly?"

Ma'am Jurmainna immediately, responded, "It depends on her, Sir. And to me, there's no problem what all she thought as burden to me."

So, Ma'am Radz remained silent for few minutes until she insisted her decision.

"Ma'am Radz, we are not complaining to RG against you but we have just done our duty as accountable instructional leaders and administrative manager" Sir Moore cautioned before he read the text messages of the Superintendent. "It doesn't mean I would frighten you with these messages. I have to read this to you because this is as good as order to us to inform you" Sir Moore read the lines below.

SDS: pls advise that teacher to report her appointment might be withdrawn by RG..pls text me if she had already reported to Bunot.

Supersam: Noted, Madam.

SDS: pls advise but not to compel her to report because the choice is hers.If she won't report her appointment be cancelled.

"So, please, feel relaxed. Don't panic, Ma'am Radz. These messages may help yourself decide with best choice. We're so happy for you to be appointed teacher even you're not deployed in our district provided you cannot contradict the official decision of our elders in DepED. Do you have some queries or concerns? I you have no more queries, Ma'am Radz, now we will give time to decide until tomorrow after Fazar Salah. Please, text your decision to Ma'am Jurmainna because Madam SDS is waiting for that" Supermoore concluded and adjourned the dialogue.

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