Thursday, January 11, 2018

Resumption of Classes in Langpas ES Signifies Peace and Unity Among Parents and DRRMC

Last January 4, 2018, DRRMC led by Sir Esquierdo "Quiedong" Jumadain foresighted dim light for the resumption of classess in Langpas Elementary School in the same date with Mukammali Elementary School except actual conduct of FGD that would serve as data for assessment how continuous education services be provided with the students in the next processes. But to their suprise, parents' faces in front of the FGD shone with tears of joy seeing the DRRMC team's arrival in the abundant grassy ground of Langpas Elementary School.

Sir Quiedong expected only colorful suggestions and diverse opinions that transpired in the Focused Group Discussion. FGD questions were so heavy and needed hard responses. But parents' daze enable them to lift over the midst of empty-mindedness into the ladder of safety of both teachers and learners as the switch the door education campaign. Their worries over their children's education harmonized their different perceptions and doubts until solidification of themselves was fortified with their unity of thoughts and complete submission to the Creator of all affairs. They bravely expressed their voluntary efforts to watch their school children during class hours and they even thought deeply how vehicle of the teachers be made available.

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