Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Sir Muks to Sir Totoh: To us, Facebook is just like a sala

Alyasir "Muks" or "Yas" A. Hussam, TIC of Poblacion Elementary School related short funny story to PSDS Moore about their joke with Sir Totoh A. Habibun, PSDS of Talipao District when they were in Cotabato City attending the remarkable event, the Regional Search for Outstanding Bangsamoro Teachers, School Heads, Supervisors, Superintendents 2017.

At the very start of taking lunch at Lovelife today, Utu' Muks mentioned to PSDS Sam, Cmdr. H-man and Faijal about their joke happened between Sir Totoh A. Habibun while they were in Cotabato City during the Regional Search for Most Outstanding Bangsamoro Teachers 2017 from Superintendents down to classroom teachers.

Accordingly, Sir Totoh started to brag on their utilization of Facebook relative to their district and school accomplishments, posting school and district activities and sharing of their best practices via Facebook social media.

As we all know that Tausugs dislike to hear somebody bragging. Once they hear it, one of them will also do the same until such time higher competition that sometime results to dispute become tense. Thus, Utu' Muks, according to him expressed the statement below.

"To us, ISDians, Facebook is just like a sala of the house."

Accordingly, Sit Totoh instantly responded, "Braggart!"

PSDS Moore agreed with the statement of Utu' Muks in so far as Blogger is concerned.

"I do agree with you, Utu' Muks" Supersam commented. "Because Facebook is just an extension of Blogger for our sharing of every post but the main content of our school is stored in Blogger" he continued.

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