Thursday, January 4, 2018

Sir Quiedong Presides the Most Successful FGD in Langpas ES

Sir Esquierdo "Quiedong" Jumadain, DepED-Sulu Division DRRMC Coordinator presided the most successful Focused Group Discussion with parents, residents, teachers, learners and community members of Barangay Langpas, Indanan, Sulu this morning, January 4, 2018, where Langpas Elementary School is located at about 15 kilometers away from Jolo proper. It was almost hundred of people who were in attendance. FGD was held inside the classroom of Grade 3 under Sahaya M. Kastiri.

The team of Sir Quiedong was composed of DepED-Sulu Division staff, Secondary School Principal of Capual National High School, PSDS, ISD DRRMC Coordinator, ISD EiE team, Barangay Captain, school heads and teachers of Indanan South District. The team did not expect the turnout of the result of the FGD as viewed beforehand in the planning preparation made in the ISD Office yesterday.

At first, Sir Quiedong elucidated some important etiquette in facing FGD. In other words do's and dont's were clearly emphasized. Thus, everyone was rightly guided as the discussions went on thoroughly. He affirmed that in an FGD there would be expected emerging ideas from some members of the participants that would not be pleasing to the others or some members of the group. Differences on opinions would be anticipated. However, arguments should not be the aim of the discussion. Commonality or unity for the possibility of the purpose would highly be accepted by everyone. He also gave short fable of two goats whose tie was connected to both necks of the goats having different favorite foods placing on their sides accessible to them respectively. Kumpay (kind of grass) was the favorite food of the goat on the right and corn was the favorite food of the goat on the left. The lesson gained from the fable greatly helped the group parents comprehend what they should say in the brainstorming. Objective on how the classes in Langpas Elementary School resume would be the target of the dialogue. Hence, Sir Quiedong raised the question.

"Are you in favor of the opening of classes in this school?"

"Yes, we are" chorused by the parents and learners.

Sir Quiedong glanced at Supersam and responded, "Ok, thank you! Now, I'll turn the floor to our District Supervisor, Sir Samoore."

Instantly, the PSDS spoke directly for the next topic by saying it in a figurative speech: Assalamu alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh! I am so happy hearing your voices in favor of the resumption of classes. However, Sir Quiedong or our team and I would still like to hear from you some details for us to formulate precautionary measures for the comfort and conducive teaching-learning conditions of  both teachers and students because you know better than us what is truly happening in this school. You are here both day and night and even Saturday and Sunday. For instance in terms of rainy season, how frequent is it in a week or from Monday to Friday? In a day? what time in the morning or in the afternoon?

As Sir paused with a signal that he was done, Sir Jimmy of Capual National High School raised his hand for permission to speak. Sir Quiedong okayed.

Sir Jim: We, teachers are indeed answerable for your children once they are already in our palms. So, the root-cause of the problem was armed conflict. God forbids. It it will happen during class ours, which is beyond our control and comprehension, we, teachers are questioned why the school children were hit or wounded. Yet, wc could hardly control the school children not to run here and there in the event there would be massive gunshots. You could just imagine one teacher handling 40 to 50 school children in one grade level or class. Normally, the adviser has no control. I guess we should now think and agree how you, parents assist our teachers or watch your children in the school.

The FGD hanged for a while after listening to the presentation of Sir Jim. Parents' watch over their school children during class hours appeared as big as Hercules in the center of the FGD. Madam Fatma bravely suggested for every parent to do what Sir Jim requested. One after the other of the parents seconded. Alhamdulillah, it was solved.

Upnext was the question on when the teachers report to school for the parents to prepare their children for school. It was Sir Samoore who abruptly answered by saying:

"Specific schedule remains uncertain for the first reason that the teachers are still on search for tamaraw vehicle to transport them from Jolo to Langpas Elementary School. Secondly, the tamaraw should be steady here in the school until it is time for the driver to deliver the teachers home. Now, this should be first the teachers' need that we should take into consideration. My question is, anybody here from you who can aid our teachers look for tamaraw vehicle ready to be hired with that condition?

Madam Fatma and some parents again assured that a resident of Langpas Elementary School named Hamid is ready for the issue. Alhamdulillah, it came again the best solution.

Sir Moore took over again the floor, "Alright, here we have our teachers headed by Caretaker, Ma'am Nur-ina M. Abubakar designated by Ma'am Hja. Nalda J. Muksan, the School Principal. Let's here from them about your question."

The Caretaker spoke as she stood, "We, teachers are also in favor of Utu' Hamid as our driver. Since he's not around; he is in Jolo; we will talk to  him first the moment we return to Jolo after our FGD. Then inshallah, you will know our schedule of reporting as soon as possible."

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