Monday, January 8, 2018

Supermoore Conducts Briefing for the 2 Newly-hired Teachers

The Public Schools District Supervisor conducted briefing for the two newly-hired teachers in the ISD Office this morning with the presence of school head teacher III of Bunot Elementary School. The two newly-hired learning facilitators were Radzma Uddin Abdulkadil deployed for Bunot Elementary School and Balma Albani Mukarram deployed for Panglima Ahajan Elementary School. 

The two new teachers were the products of the effort on hiring new teachers personally spearheaded by Regional Governor, Mujiv S. Hataman held at DPWH Office, Jolo, Sulu last January 4, 2018. Radzma and Balma had photos of their deployment order they took before they signed it as sign of their willingness to accept their new place of official assignment as teachers.

Supersam discussed to the incoming teachers some priorities of DepED-ARMM such as access, NAT result, data management and some other issues and concerns in the agency. ESIP (Enhanced School Improvement Plan) was tackled by PSDS Moore alerting the two teachers not to wonder why it would seem that they would be having other responsibilities aside from classroom instruction. PSDS Sam had them expect to have specific roles in the participation of ESIP implementation in their respective school in partnership with their school heads. He also mentioned to Radzma and Balma the utilization of social media in showing classroom best practices instead of posting personal photos that have no connection to teaching duties and responsibilities. He gave his complete name, his profile name in Facebook and the DOC (District Online Communications), Facebook group of Indanan South District. He emphasized the LIS, EBEIS, NSBI and SF reports that need online submission and updating.

Before Supermoore ended his briefing, he asked the two teachers what their queries were. Radzma asked regarding school uniform. They were answered for the permission to wear non-prescribed school uniform in DepED in so far as waiting for their salaries to come was concerned. Sir Moore; however; narrated to them that some of the volunteer teachers in the ISD were trying to save some amount for the purchase of school uniform. Some just wear what they used during their practiced teaching attire.

After the briefing Radzma as escorted by her school head, Jurmainna H. Hunding, Head Teacher III of Bunot Elementary School proceeded to school while Balma received text message from her school head, Mussah A. Arabain to wait for tomorrow's reporting in the ISD Office where Panglima Ahajan Elementary School teachers used to assemble in preparation for their ride to their school via hired tamaraw vehicle.

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