Saturday, February 3, 2018

105th ISDian-American Scouts Anniversary Happens in Timbanga ES

First ISDian-American Scouts Anniversary was commemorated in Timbangan Elementary School, Timbangan, Indanan, Sulu last January 31, 2018. The commemoration was graced with the Sacred Lunch offered by Prof. Albert M. Santoli, President of the Asia America Initiative. There were 165 Boys Scout and 226 Girls Scout solemnly took the lunch in the last day of the 3-Day District Camporee which was also firstly conducted in Indanan South District.
There were 15 elementary schools of ISD participated in the First 3-Day District Camporee that marked the first celebration of the scout firstly organized in the Municipality of Indanan, Sulu. It was Bunot ES, Dayuan ES, Kasambuhan Village ES, Langpas ES, Manilop ES, Mukammali ES, Palan ES, Panglima Ahajan ES, Panglima Indanan CS, Pasil ES, Poblacion ES, Sapah Malawm ES and Timbangan ES.

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