Friday, February 9, 2018

2nd Place in GSP Got Talent Goes to ISD GSP in the 28th Regional Encampment

One of the activities undertaken during the 28th Regional Encampment for Girls Scout of the Philippines was the GSP Got Talent. 2nd Place GSP Got Talent went to GSP from Indanan South District composed of eight (8) participants, six (6) from Kasambuhan Village Elementary School, one (1) from Panglima Ahajan Elementary School and one (1) from Panglima Mammah Elementary School under the two (2) Troop Leaders, Hja. Berlinda B. Gulam of Kasambuhan Village Elementary School and Ms. Marites H. Madjirul of Panglima Ahajan Elementary School.

Indanan South District headed by the Public Schools District Supervisor, Samoore S. Ladjahali was the only adjacent district to Jolo participated in the 28th Regional Encampment for GSP. ISD and Jolo I to IV District represented DepED-Sulu Division in said encampment held at Ecozone, San Ramon, Zamboanga City from February 7-11, 2018. Of the 59 GSP participants from DepED-Sulu Division, listed hereunder were from Indanan South District:
  1. Czariza Gwen N. Jadjuli
  2. Duresa H. Abdusaid
  3. Farah Jaide H. Madjirul
  4. Fatima Rhayyan A. Mohammad
  5. Fatty-Maye I. Haiber
  6. Khadijia I. Alpha
  7. Nurunnihar H. Maliki
  8. Yaaman Nahar J. Isnaji
Two (2) of the Girls Scout were selected athletes to represent DepED-Sulu Division in Tennis Sports Event during ARMMAA 2018. Thus, Karna H. Abdusaid, Tennis Girls Coach would pick the two GSP  participants up for their journey to said ARMMAA.

Supersam and Cmdr. H-man, TIC of Panglima Misuari Primary School visited the ISD GSP participants to the 28th Regional Encampment today at around 2:00 PM. As they arrived in the venue, Supermoore advised the two Troop Leaders to assemble the GSP participants for some snacks and picture taking. With them were Helen C. Hajan, Sulu Provincial GSP Council Exceutive, Hja. Alma Tandih, Assistant of Ms. Hajan, Ms. Leilanie Askali, Troop Leader from Jolo IV and one Troop Leader from Jolo III District.

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