Wednesday, February 7, 2018

How to Prepare 1st and 2nd Endorsement

In DepED especially Indanan South District, ENDORSEMENT is a formal written written communication prepared by school head, the so-called 1st Endorsement. School head should construct 1st Endorsement and place over the communication of certain teacher or personnel who intends for any application or request from the higher authority like Schools Division Superintendent.

For instance if there is some personnel applying leave of absence or requesting for the approval or permit of the SDS, 1st Endorsement of the school head should be on it before it would be submitted to the Office of the District Supervisor. As what advised by the DepED-Sulu Division Adminitrative Officer V, school head should always use the word 'for appropriate action' while the second endorsement of the District Supervisor should state the word 'for favorable action'.

The size of the bond paper should always half of the short bond paper measured 8.5 inches x 11 inches. Both school and district endorsement should be the same size as mentioned in the preceding sentences.

SAMPLE ENDORSEMENT FOR SCHOOL HEAD AND DISTRICT HEAD is hereby shown formatted in Microsoft Word. Any visitor may view it by just clicking the highlighted link. It is downloadable from the download page. Do not add, omit nor revise the format, uses of words, punctuations, capitalization and other mechanics except the name and logo.

Bear in mind. Teacher's or personnel's application or request should always use the word 'Thru Channel' between the Inside Address and Greetings. If for example the nature of the communication expecially prepared school head does not use the word 'Thru Channel', 1st Endorsement of the District Supervisor is no longer needed instead, the words, 'Noted by' should appear at the left below the Signature.

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