Friday, February 9, 2018

Prof. Albert M. Santoli Recognizes First-to-Submit-First-Serve Basis for Continuous SMFP

Prof. Albert M. Santol: Please review this feeding assessment form for all 1 School - 1 Family ISD schools should fill before we go into tage 2 of the program, next week InshaAllah.  Your guidance is appreciated. After we have an agreement with Super Sam that this is a good and appropriate assessment questionaire, then each AAI feeding funds receipient please fill the form and send back to me individually and keep a master copy of everything at ISD for our further documentation of importance of proper nutrition for the kids.  Then I can move forward with funds for feeding for next week until final exams in march.  I am budgeting the "sliding scale" of cosats now for what AAI can afford.  But we stay with "1 SChool -- 1 Family" Methodology so all kids can eat with equal access to lunch.
Click this LINK to download the question

Firstly, AAI President only listed Kasambuhan Village ES, Pasil ES, Cmdr. Bara Jalaidi ES, Sapah Malawm ES and Sapie Primary School as recipients of School Mass Feeding Program in partnership with parents (50-50 partnership)

Later, Prof. Santoli prepared some questionnaire for every school of Indanan South District to answer. He wanted to adopt all schools for the SMFP once the questionnaire would be responded. Sending of funds for the school lunch feeding was totally dependent on the correctly-answered submission of said questionnaire. First-to-submit-first-serve basis became the mode of welcoming school to include in the program. Out of 18 schools in Indanan South District, there were only four (4) schools have not yet been listed in the school feeding. Those schools were Dayuan Elementary Schools, Lugmah Primary School, Panglima Ahajan Elementary School and Panglima Mammah Elementary School. These four schools lacked communication with the AAI President in the internet or social media. Thus, Prof. Santoli had no knowledge about their schools.

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