Wednesday, February 7, 2018

What to Do if Dell Laptop Cannot Be Turned on

Model 2017 64-Bit Dell Laptop with 4GB RAM and 500 DDR belonged to Cmdr. H-man, TIC of Panglima Misuari Primary School, Indanan South District, Indanan, Sulu. Cmdr. H-man just bought his Dell last February 7, 2017 in the afternoon. Lennin Store, Zamboanga City where Cmdr. H-man purchased the laptop installed all the applications and program with Windows 10 until 4:30 in the afternon except Snipped Tool, Microsoft Picture Manager and other third-party apps.

As Cmdr. H-man arrived home, he automatically put the gadget out of the cartoon pack and cellophane. He also unpacked the mouse with wheel and USB cable wire. He turned the power on after looking for it in some minutes. Supersam assisted him connecting to homemade internet through Globe Wimax. Later, the unit was already connected with Wimax at Supersam's Residence. Cmdr. H-man opened Google Chrome Browser where he logged in his Facebook account and email add. He browsed the Facebook almost for 3 hours when a better half of Supermoore began calling them for supper. Thus, Cmdr. H-man left his Dell on in a Facebook mode inside Google Chrome Browser. After eating, he faced before the 40-inch LED TV watching some movie of Bruce Willis until  he forgot his online Facebook in his Dell. Luckily, Supermoore reminded him his on-lined newly-purchased Dell.

When Cmdr. H-man returned to his gadget, he saw the screen in a totally-black LCD over its pack. He began to drag the mouse but it did not show light over the screen. He started telling Supersam what happened to the unit. Supersam replied to move the mouse that he already did. He brought the gadget to Supersam. Supersam tried to press the power button but it did no effect at all. Supersam uttered that the unit should be brought back to Lennin for inspection in the following day. He told Cmdr. H-man to pack well the gadget in the same cartoon box. However, Supermoore remembered what he always would do when some trouble occurred. He used to search in Google Search Bar. These are what he did:
  1. Type 'Why Dell Laptop would not turn on by pressing the power button?' in the Google Search Bar.
  2. He looked at the nearest title to what he encoded shown by the Google Search.
  3. He clicked the Yahoo Answers Website.
  4. He read Yahoo
  5. He followed the following instructions
    • Take out the battery for some minutes.
    • Put again the battery into the laptop.
    • Press the 'power button'.
      6. Supersam tried to put again the battery of the Dell.
      7. He pressed the 'power button'.

Alhamdulillah, the LCD of the Dell Laptop began to shine. It was on.

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