Friday, March 30, 2018

An Influential Leadership

Authority was indeed right in choosing you as school head of Cmdr Bara Jalaidi ES, Sir Nagz Sasapan. Cmdr Bara Jalaidi ES had been there for years ago before she wandered like floating clouds over vales and hills. She was no longer certain when to return. Alhamdulillah, geotagging came first as a valid reason for you to unveil the tightly-fortified gate. Entry to that was beyond the expectation of many professionals. Some already tried doing it but still failed.

With this, Supersam should give you a big salute for the heroic accomplishment you did in the impossible place where you are standing now. You have not just rebuilt Cmdr Bara Jalaidi ES; rather; you have turned her into globally-connected school of ISD in a sense that President of Asia America Initiative, Prof. Albert Santoli has assisted your school since the very start of your sacrifices there.

"I felt too emotional" you said. Don't worry. You must be understood by everybody. It is normal to every human to taste the sweetness of the fruits of his sacrifices and sufferings in the past for the pleasure of his commitment and concern over school children. Verily, Sir Nagz Sasapan, you are true educator. PSDS is amazed of your envying qualities as Tausug educator.

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