Friday, March 2, 2018

How Does Civil Service Exam Look Like: Reviewer

This blog contains Reviewer Book for Civil Service Exam taken from post of Benj Peters in Facebook Fanpage. This Reviewer Book was converted into photos by Benj Peters in order to be easy for him to post in his Facebook Fanpage. This is so helpful for all takers of said exam.

Supermoore downloaded all the pages of this Reviewer Book from the Facebook Fanpage of Benj Peters. He wrote it in Lawanan, the Bogger Site of Indanan South District embedding the Facebook Fanpage post. He made a folder of it named SCS Exam. He uploaded it in for safekeeping. He linked it to this blog post.

Supersam also embedded the folder from to this blog post purposely to have many ways to view the Reviewer Book posted by Benj Peters.

The Civil Service Exam contains the following dimensions:

  1. English Grammar and Correct Usage Test
  2. English Vocabulary Questions
  3. Correct Spelling and Idiomatic Expressions with Meanings and Examples
  4. Analogy and Logic Test
  5. Reading Comprehension Test, Exercises and Strategies
  6. Paragraph Organization Test Questions Civil Service
  7. Numerical Reasoning
  8. Clerical Operations

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