Friday, March 2, 2018

ISD ICT Coordinator Conducts 1-Day District LIS Updating

Sharifa Mharroheanne A. Alih, Teacher I of Poblacion Elementary School is the ever-active District ICT/Planning/AAI Coordinator. Today, March 1, 2018, she called all the school ICT coordinators for a special meeting. Some schools were represented by their school heads. The issues taken focused on the rectification of school data encoded online in LIS (Learner's Information System) registered since 2015 to present.

The ICT gathering in the Indanan South District Office turned out to 1-Day District LIS Updating. Supermoore, the PSDS of the ISD suggested to make it one day in so far as 3-year rectification of the school data in LIS was concerned. Inconsistent of the school data registered online in LIS since 2015 reached the office of the DepED-ARMM and DepED Central Office.

Sharifa advised every participant or ICT coordinator to screenshot all the data in the LIS from 2015 to 2018 by following the tutorial below.

1) Go to
2) Click List of classes, Dashboard, Early Reg, Quick Count, Transfers, Data. Corrections.
3) Press PrtScr on the keyboard. 
4) Go to Microsoft word then press Ctrl + V (Paste)
5) Save file ( Ex. MANILOP 2015-2016, MANILOP 2016-2017, MANILOP 2017-2018)
6) Pass it in flash drive on MARCH 5, 2018.

Among the participants that came early to said activity could be gleaned in the hereunder-enumerated names:
  1. Schennymar S. Bandah - School ICT Coordinator, Poblacion Elementary School
  2. Shernalyn A. Alibbun - School ICT Coordinator, Mukammali Elementary School
  3. Jainab A. Nuron - School ICT Coordinator, Pasil Elementary School
  4. Marjin "Cmdr. H-man" J. Madjirul - School Head of Panglima Misuari Elementary School
  5. Fauzy I. Jadjulie - School ICT Coordinator, Panglima Indanan CS
  6. Marites R. Hadjulani - School ICT Coordinator, Panglima Ahajan Elementary School
  7. Nur-ina M. Abubakar - School ICT Coordinator, Langpas Elementary School
  8. Kauzar I. Jawang - School Head of Manilop Elementary School
  9. Nagdar U. Sasapan - School Head of Cmdr. Bara Jalaidi Elementary School
  10. Indira M. Dassan - School ICT Coordinator, Panglima Mammah Elementary School
  11. Ferwina M. Arasad - School ICT Coordinator, Palan Elementary School

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