Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Model Of BAWGBUG Education in the Silhouette of AAI

MOBE (Model Of BAWGBUG Education) began in Indanan South District in 2016. It aimed to maximize education stakeholders' participation through 50-50 partnership for whatever school-based programs and projects that could be assisted by Asia America Initiative led by Prof. Albert M. Santoli. The first program successfully implemented in the 18 elementary schools of Indanan South District was the SMFP (School Mass Feeding Program). For instance if the menu cost P 16.00 per child from Kindergarten to Grade 6, P 8.00 came from a child and P 8.00 came from Prof. Albert M. Santoli. Other projects undertaken were construction of school shacks, seating facilities, school repair, construction of tooth brushing and handwashing facility and purchase of water catchment or plastic tank, sports equipment and generator. Indanan Mayor's Office strengthened its relationship with AAI when Santoli initiated to donate high-powered generator to the Office of the Mayor led by Hon. Hji. Hermot "Moy" D. Jikiri.

Last March 13, 2018, Prof. Santoli was back to visit six (6) elementary schools Indanan South District, namely: 1. Mukammali Elementary School headed by Head Teacher III, Melda I. Adug; 2. Manilop Elementary School headed by TIC, Kauzar I. Jawang; 3. Poblacion Elementary School headed by TIC, Alyasir A. Hussam; 4. Panglima Indanan Central School headed by TIC, Andrada M. Asid; 5. Bunot Elementary School headed by Head Teacher III, Jurmainna H. Hunding; and 6. Kasambuhan Village Elementary School headed by Principal I, Nur-aisha A. Gonzales. The school heads of these six schools sat together in the Indanan South District Office last March 7, 2018 purposely to craft itinerary of the Santoli' visit and letter of coordination to the Municipal Mayor and Philippine National Police. Supersam assigned Melda I. Adug as the Presiding Officer.

Despite the limited schools for visitation, the 18 elementary schools of the ISD still showed their personal support to the ISD-AAI Team visitation. Except Dayuan Elementary School, every school was represented by school head, parents and BLGU officials like Barangay Bunot. Monalyn Askali, Barangay Chairwoman of Bunot voluntarily offered her Strada pick up for the transportation of Santoli from NDJC to the six schools mentioned above, to the ISD Office, to DepED-Sulu Division Office and to NDJC again where Albert checked in Guest House. She also shouldered the lunch of all members of the ISD-AAI Team Visitation in Bunot Elementary School.

Both internal and external education stakeholders from Panglima Ahajan Elementary School, Bunot Elementary School, Panglima Mammah Elementary School and Kasambuhan Village Elementary School perfectly completed their appearance with the team around the six schools which were targets of visitation. Husband and wife of Barangay Chairperson of Barangay Panglima Misuari also personally visited the team in Manilop Elementary School. Barangay Captain, Hja. Darwisa Jakiram of Tagbak was with the team during the whole duration of visit. Parents and BLGU officials of other schools were also waiting for the team in their respective schools though they were not able to be with the team to six schools.

The Municipal Government of Indanan expressed their support to the ISD-AAI Team by way of endorsing the school heads' request for the Indanan PNP to be with the visit of Santoli. Jolo PNP also escorted the team.

From the DepED-Sulu Division Office were Asst. Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. Saudi A. Janang, Felix Regellana, Education Program Supervisor, Darchona E. Sauddin, Division Commissioner to Parang District and Rohelyn S. Ahaja, AAI Coordinator.

Former SDS of Sulu, Dr. Hji. Amy U. Malbun waited for the team in Kasambuhan Village Elementary School. She was there with Lupa' Sug MNLF Chairman, Kaid Ajibun.

BAWGBUG stands for Baran, Alta', Waktu, Gastu, Baktulan, Usaha, Gaus. It is the highlight in the acronym, MOBE popularized by both AAI and ISD in the entire education stakeholders in the following schools:
  1. Bunot Elementary School - Barangay Bunot
  2. Cmdr. Bara Jalaidi Elementary School - Barangay Karawan
  3. Dayuan Elementary School - Barangay Timbangan
  4. Kasambuhan Village Elementary School - Barangay Tagbak
  5. Langpas Elementary School - Barangay Langpas
  6. Lugmah Elementary School - Barangay Bunot
  7. Manilop Elementary School - Barangay Manilop
  8. Mukammali Elementary School - Barangay Langpas
  9. Palan Elementary School - Barangay Adjid
  10. Panglima Ahajan Elementary School - Barangay Panabuan
  11. Panglima Indanan Central School - Barangay Licup
  12. Panglima Mammah Elementary School - Barangay Tagbak
  13. Panglima Misuari Elementary School - Barangay Panglima Misuari
  14. Pasil Elementary School - Barangay Pasil
  15. Poblacion Elementary School - Barangay Poblacion
  16. Sapah Malawm Elementary School - Barangay Sapah Malawm
  17. Sapie Elementary School - Barangay Paligue
  18. Timbangan Elementary School - Barangay Timbangan
The significant impact of MOBE implementation in the Indanan South District was the elevation of six (6) primary schools into complete elementary schools such as Cmdr. Bara Jalaidi ES, Manilop ES, Sapah Malawm ES, Dayuan ES, Panglima Misuari ES, Lugmah ES and Sapie ES

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