Friday, August 31, 2012

In the Buwan ng Wika Celebration of MES

Mukammali Elementary School is headed by Melda I. Adug, Head Teacher 3 of the school. She invited the DIC (District In-Charge) Samoore S. Ladjahali to witness and deliver message during the culmination of the Buwan ng Wika dated August 31, 2012. The DIC was escorted by the TIC of Poblacion Elementary School, Alyasir A. Hussam.

The DIC formerly headed Mukammali Elementary School in 2006. It was a primary school those days. It was just one of his annex schools. He established his school office in Bunot Primary School. Lugmah Primary School was also annex of Bunot Primary School.

In 2007, Samoore S. Ladjahali became Temporary Caretaker of Indanan South District. He relinquished his role as TIC of those three schools. He recommended Jurmainna H. Hunding as TIC of Bunot PS with Lugmah PS that also remained annex. Then, he installed Melda I. Adug as TIC of Mukammali PS. Both TICs were installed in April, 2007. He assisted Melda I. Adug elevate Mukammali PS into complete elementary school.

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