Friday, August 10, 2007

Scenic Landscape of Pasil ES in August, 2007

TIC Samoore S. Ladjahali arrived in Pasil Elementary School on August 8, 2007. He was with two volunteer teachers, Hadida M. Ujaji and Nursa. Both volunteer teachers were non-LET passers. Later, Hadida M. Ujaji chanced to pass the LET while Nursa has remained until today as she was before that made her abstained from volunteerism.

OIC SDS, Hji. Delfin M. Unga, NEAP brough the newly-installed TIC before the Sulu 1st District Representative, Hji. Yusop H. Jikiri residing in Pasil, Indanan, Sulu. He told Congressman that Rugaiya B. Ibba, former TIC of the school would be needed in his Division Office.

For physical aspect development of the school, the TIC started it with the fencing of Gym Multi-purpose constructed by GEM (Growth with Equity in Mindanao). The fencing was made of bamboo financed by Jess Burahan, Mayor of Panglima Tahil. The Mayor donated P 10,000.00 through the initiative of Isniraja I. Allama, Provisional Teacher of Pasil ES. Then, the TIC redesigned the school directory. He hired expert paintor, HBSAT graduate. He also spearheaded the construction of classroom fencing out chopped bamboos painted with blue and white color.

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