Friday, April 20, 2018

School Shack Construction Signals Increment of ISD Schools

Newly-constructed school shack for Grade 6 Classes in Bunote ES

In 2009, Bunot Primary School headed by Head Teacher 3, Jurmainna H. Hunding became complete elementary school. In spite of insufficient number of classrooms, she had to plan for the construction of school shack for the accommodation of Grade 4 to Grade 6.

Jurmainna H. Hunding gathered in coordination with the Barangay Chairwoman of Barangay Bunot, Merilyn "Kiling" T. Askali gathered all his parents and community members for the construction of school shack. Most of the parents who  had children studying intermediate grades in others schools located in other barangays agreed the plan of Bunot Elementary School. They strongly participated in the realization of the school shack. With more finance from the BLGU officials, Bunot Elementary School finally completed the 3-classroom unit school shack. In 2016, Bunot ES was a recipient of 2-classroom unit from DepED. Buildable space was the worry of Bunot ES. Thus, Jurmainna H. Hunding decided to demolish the school shack which was transferred to an area whose space was junt good for one classroom. The result of the school shack functioned only as dirty kitchen and dining room of the teachers. Again, Bunot ES ran short of one classroom for the Grade 6 classes. Hence, the above thumbnail photo appeared as the newly-constructed school shack for the Grade 6. It was constructed through the initiative of Alnasvier I. Abduljalil, the Grade 6 Class Adviser.

Kasambuhan Village Elementary School had constructed 1-classroom school shack for Kindergarten students before DepED allotted her standard form. Timbangan Elementary School built 1-classroom school shack for Kindergarten, too. Later, it became school office when DepED gave standard form os school building. Long ago, Palan Elementary School built makeshift used as office of the principal, 1-classroom kindergarten classes and 2-classroom school shack for ALS classes and Traditional Madrasah. Dayuan Elementary School built local materials for school office and 1-classroom for Grade 4 to 6 classes. Panglima Indanan Central School constructed makeshift for school clinic. Poblacion Elementary School constructed school canteen and makeshift for dirty kitchen. Panglima Ahajan Elementary School built dirty kitchen out local materials.

In 2007, Mukammali Primary School catered on Grade 1 to Grade 3. In June of the same year, she elevated her status into complete elementary level. Just to have conducive learning atmosphere of the learners, she had to make school shack for Grade 4 to 6 classes. In 2016, DepEd granted 3-classroom school building construction for Mukammali Elementary School.

In 2016, Cmdr. Bara Jalaidi Primary School returned to her official site in Barangay Karawan, Indanan, Sulu. The TIC, Nagdar U. Sasapan in collaboration with parents, community members and BLGU officials led by Barangay Chair, Aksan Mudjamil erected school shack made of bamboo for the classroom instruction of Kindergarten to Grade 3 enrollees. In 2001, 2-unit school building stood in the area but it was abandoned for almost two decades due to volatile peace and order condition in Barangay Karawan. As Cmdr. Bara Jalaidi PS returned to the donated site, the TIC looked forward how the old building would be renovated. Local donors and international NGO, Asia America Initiative led by Prof. Albert M. Santoli were the means of the complete renovation of the old building. In 2017, the TIC elevated the school from primary to complete elementary status. Regional Validation Team had been in the area conducting inspection of the site in preparation for the 2-unit school building.

Kauzar I. Jawang was installed as TIC of Manilop Primary School formerly annexed to Poblacion Elementary School. She erected semi-standard form of school building for Kindergarten classes through the finance of Prof. Albert M. Santoli. She elevated the school from primary to elementary in 2017. Grade 4 to 6 students were in school shack made of local materials supported by Prof. Albert M. Santoli. She also built school canteen, teachers' dining room and dirty kitchen for the school feeding.

Panglima Misuari Primary School was annex of Cmdr. Bara Jalaidi Elementary School. AAI President also assisted this school in building 1-unit school shack. Beginning June 4, 2018, the school will cater students from Kindergarten to Grade 6 because the TIC, Marjin "Cmdr. H-man" J. Madjirul would elevate it into complete elementary status.

Finally, Lugmah Elementary School was the last school returned to her official site last March 29, 2018 simultaneously with the conduct of Joint Moving Up and Recognition Day of the school held in a locally-erected canopy with stage made of bamboo. The TIC, Alnasvier I. Abduljalil has continued his monitoring and supervision over his parents, community members, students and teachers working for the additional classrooms to cater the Kindergarten students up to Grade 6 learners.

In terms of school stage, 15 elementary schools made it with their local funds.

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