Wednesday, April 18, 2018

With Impressive Lugmah ES Teachers in Moving Up Ceremony

It was on March 29, 2018 when Lugmah Elementary School headed by TIC Alnasvier I. Abduljalil graced the significant day of Lugmah ES by way of conducting her Joint Moving Up Ceremony in the newly-built canopy in the official site of the school. The joint ceremony was composed of Day Care learners, Kindergarten students and the rest officially-enrolled pupils in Lugmah ES that were give recognition.

Supersam was truly amazed at the teachers of Lugmah Elementary School upon seeing them during the Joint Moving Up and Recognition Day firstly held in the official donated school site of the school after 46 years of stay in the temporary location. The preparation of the venue looked like a grade 6 graduation rite. In the singing of Philippine National Anthem, it caught the attention of Supersam. Most of the children sang it not only out of tune but not at the same time. He was looking at the completers while singing. He noticed well the right manner and proper timing of the completers.

In the distribution of certificate, Supersam sensed the smartness of the completers to receive the certificate and their quick reply to the word congratulations uttered by the Public Schools District Supervisor. Then, he directed his eyes searching where the teachers were. He perceived each of them had different role in the occasion. At the back of mind of the PSDS was finally the TIC of Lugmah ES. He was impressed by the excellent leadership style of the school head in managing all his stakeholders and the entertaining manners of his teachers and parents.

The affair appeared like a big graduation. The PSDS counted five (5) tamaraw vehicles attending the unforgettable return of Lugmah Elementary School to her official site. It was fully attended by different sectors of life such school officials, barangay chair, MNLF commander and other school heads and teachers from other schools of Indanan South District.

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