Thursday, May 17, 2018

Best COMELEC Partners: Teachers

Constitutionally, the government has authorized teachers to handle the election in partnership with COMELEC (Commission on Election). DepEd is the only government agency whose number of personnel seems highest among the government agencies. Election needs lot of employees to do the processes. Thus, we, DepED servants are the most appropriate sectors to work with the COMELEC. Teachers who have already stayed longer in DepED have less apprehension on the expected untoward incidents during election because of their long experiences being Third Members, Poll Clerks until they were assigned Chairmen of he BEI (Board of Election Inspectors). It is the reason why newly-hired teachers and volunteer teachers are deployed to the different precincts of the different barangays so that they would be prepared to play the role of Poll Clerk. Some experienced teachers are expected to retire while the others need to rest as BEI Chairman. There are also some of us, especially female teachers on maternity leave or any kind of leave absences. So, shortage of qualified BEI might happen in our agency.

Supersam is in a big salute to those teachers serving as BEI during 2018 Barangay and SK Elections without hesitation and doubt that strengthened the integrity and commitment as COMELEC partners, particularly those teachers assigned in contested barangays. Stress cannot be avoided in many situations. I guess you learned a lot as an effect of more challenges in doing election processes in an orderly, honest and peaceful way. Certainly, it added a lot to your management skills that may aid your classroom management develop progressively the moment you will be back to your respective schools by June 4, 2018.

Normally, election has two or more opposing candidates. What do you think if all elections are unopposed and there is only one candidate for every position? We should not dream of it. So long as we live in democracy, election with more candidates to run is really anticipated to happen.

To be triumphant out of voluminous challenges makes one more confident with his/her potentials as first class individual. A person is always doubtful of his success once he/she has not paved the path of challenge, Thus, there are some teachers get worried if they are not assigned as BEI. Their experiences in the past contested elections contributed much to the development of their self-confidence until they would appear as the highest authority in the election procedures maneuvering the assignment list of BEI. If some of us were not in, don't worry. It was the decision of the COMELEC. The ISD Office was mindful of those teachers having relationship with any candidates falling within the 3rd degree of consanguinity. As such, some teachers were moved out of their barangay where their schools are in. However, opposition in some barangays is hidden from the ISD Office. Sudden filing of candidacy happens when the assignment list of BEI would already be forwarded to the COMELEC Office.

Election was over. Alhamdulillah, everyone is successful and triumphant. Let's forgive but not forget. Why we forgive because we won. Why we not forget so that we learn. Most people say that sometime we win; sometime we lose. We should move on to this statement. "Sometime, we win; sometime we learn." 

CONGRATULATIONS to one and all.

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