Friday, May 18, 2018

Boom-tarat-tarat Band in Lugmah ES?

It is more pleasing to hear the proper or specific name of school band rather than a common one like drummers. Boom Tarat-Tarat is not yet the official name of the school band of Lugmah Elementary School. It is just a friendly joke of the author of this blog post based on the caption of Alnasvier I. Abduljalil, the TIC (Teacher In-Charge) of the school located in Lugmah, Bunot, Indanan, Sulu.

Lugmah Elementary School is one of the oldest schools established by the American soldiers in Indanan, Sulu on December 4, 1952. The school has not felt the status of being elementary since her existence until Martial Law disturbed her duty as education service provider to all residents of Lugmah. Alhamdulillah, Alnasvier I. Abduljalil accepted his designation dated November 15, 2017. Supersam partially deployed him to his new station in March, 2018 from Bunot Elementary School, the main campus of Lugmah Elementary School. While officially serving in Bunot Elementary School, Alnasvier spent extra time in Lugmah how the school would return to her original site, how the school community could construct school shack or canopy for the venue of the Recognition Ceremony, how Lugmah would be having complete teachers to handle the different grade levels, how the school could assure her elevation from primary into complete elementary level beginning June 4, 2018, how the school could conduct her Moving Up and Recognition Day Ceremony in the new school site, how the school PTA would be organized and could continue the school shack construction of 7 classrooms for the accommodation of Kindergarten-Grade 6 enrolless by June 4, 2018. how the seating facilities would be assured, how Lugmah Elementary School would be having passbook account in Landbank - Jolo Branch and how the school could procure some musical instruments for the school band. All of these HOWs were set by the TIC to come to life before June 4, 2018. Amazingly, Alnasvier fulfilled all his HOWs according to his time frame set.

Nowadays, Lugmah Elementry School has eight (8) snare drums, two (2) lyres and one (1) global bass drum. Expected enrollees for School Year 2018-19 are now in the school witnessing some of them learning to play the instruments.

What come next before June 4, 2018? What the TIC planned to make it happen in his school before its manifestation looked more than impossible. Alnasvier is so superb, fantastic and chosen. Indanan South District is indeed very fortunate for having him.

Neither material nor financial resources are the most dominating factors for school improvement, but is either a leader or leadership. There is no single best leadership style that should be believed and personally applied by a leader. What is truly best for a leader is to browse and explore the different leadership styles and a leader knows the appropriate adoption of it whenever, whatever and wherever he leads.  

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