Sunday, May 13, 2018

How ISD Assigns Teachers as BEI

Many years ago, Indanan South District supervisor reshuffled teachers to serve as BEI (Board of Election Inspectors in the different barangays of Indanan Municipality. When Supersam took over the command and responsibility of Indanan South District in 2012; however; certain procedures were implemented for the fairness, convenience, arrangement and safety of the teachers while serving the electoral processes in every election.

There are 18 schools in Indanan South District. Out of that number, there are 4 barangays having 2 elementary schools, respectively. Kasambuhan Village Elementary School and Panglima Mammah Elementary School are located in Barangay Tagbak; Timbangan Elementary School and Dayuan Elementary School are in Barangay Timbangan; Bunot Elemntary School and Lugmah Elementary School are in Barangay Bunot; and Langpas Elementary School and Mukammali Elementary School are in Barangay Langpas. In other words, 8 schools occupy only 4 barangays plus the remaining 10 barangays having 1 school, respectively. Therefore, the 18 schools of Indanan South District hold only 14 barangays. The number of barangays in Indanan South District are 24. Aside from the barangay mentioned in the previous statements, only 10 of them have schools. It is namely: 1. Barangay Adjid where Palan Elementary School is located; 2. Barangay Licup, location of Panglima Indanan Central School; 3. Barangay Poblacion, area of Poblacion Elementary School; 4. Barangay Manilop,  site of Manilop Elementary School; 5. Barangay Panabuan, place of Panglima Ahajan Elementary School; 6. Barangay Karawan, homeplace of Cmdr. Bara Jalaidi Elementary School; 7. Barangay Panglima Misuari, residence of Panglima Misuari Elementary School; 8. Barangay Pasil, heart of Pasil Elementary School; 9. Barangay Sapah Malawm, jurisdiction of Sapah Malawm Elementary School; and 10. Barangay Paligue, address of Sapie Elementary School.

The school-less barangays are: 1. Bangalan; 2. Kan Islam;; 3. Kabbonmaas; 4. Jati' Tunggal; 5. Tubig Parang; 6. Kandang Tukay; 7. Manggis; 8. Katian; 9. Tumantangis; and 10. Lambayong.

Since 2012, it has been the common arrangement of the Indanan South District that teachers serving as BEI should be assigned in the barangays where their schools are located. In case of excess or shortage of the number of precincts in their respective barangays, teachers would be deployed to the neighboring barangays of their respective schools. Primarily, origin of the enrollees is the basis of their assignment as BEI in the event BEI would serve in other barangays. Teachers assigned in the newly-created school in a barangay having 2 schools would be the one to serve in the neighboring school-less barangays. Some teachers are moving out of their barangays because of shortage of experienced teachers to serve as chairman of the BEI. Volunteer teachers are assigned as third member. If insufficient number of volunteer teachers happens, Indanan South District would try to locate some qualified local residents having experience as BEI. The Public Schools District Supervisor is always aware of the guidelines in assigning BEI. Particularly in Barangay Election, teacher could not expect his/her assignment in the barangay where his/her school is in to avoid disqualification on the basis of affinity within the third degree of consanguinity.

Most of the teachers are in apprehension to serve as BEI especially when the barangay is contested or there are two or more opposing candidates for the position. Many of them would try to get the favor of PSDS for their assignment in other barangays which are not contested. Fortunately, Supersam would not permit until the teachers could nearly decide not to serve anymore. PSDS Sam always asks them to write a letter to the COMELEC thru PSDS explaining why they could not serve as BEI. If the COMELEC would approve their request, replacement should be made by the COMELEC not the PSDS because all teachers in the district were already assigned. It is the reason why teachers of ISD could not escape from  their responsibility in every election. Supersam has explained this approach to some politicians begging for their favorite teachers to serve as BEI in their respective barangays in the previous years until they realized the disadvantage of reshuffling of teachers as what the district supervisors did before.

There would be a possibility of discouragement, complaint, and clamor among teachers until they would relinquish their duties as BEI if they would be serving in the different barangays every election because of their apprehension in the contested barangays. Politicans should trust teachers or BEI in doing the election processes. In the event BEI would cheat any politicians, laws are there to help them fight for their rights. Similarly, BEI should not afraid of serving as BEI in any polling places where they are officially assigned because they are not the opposing parties of any candidates. Politicians know very well the significance of teachers' participation in the election. Without teachers, election processes may not happen. Teachers or BEI are always non-partisans.

Indanan South District has 3 polling places which are: 1. Panglima Mammah Elementary School, Tagbak, Indanan, Sulu; 2. Indanan Central School, Licup, Indanan, Sulu; and 3. Pasil Elementary School, Pasil, Indanan, Sulu.

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