Thursday, May 17, 2018

ISD in the 10-Day Contextualization Workshop

It was in Top Plaza Hotel, Dipolog City. Participants were from those regions located in Mindanao areas. The workshop was a contextualization of Grade 2 Textbooks in Mathematics, ARPAN (Araling Panlipunan) and English Language into the differentMTB-MLE (Mother Tongue-Based Multilingual Education) of respective participants. 

Three (3) subjects allotted for every division. Indanan South District had two participants. They were Supersam and Alnasvier I. Abduljalil, TIC of Lugmah Elementary School. In the actual work that began on May 2, 2018, Rasmil Abdurasul, Teacher I from Maharadja Abduraup Elementary School, Indanan North District and replace for his District Supervisor, Dr. Garcia B. Paradji found out his name listed under MTB-MLE contextualizer. Divisionwide participation, three from Indanan District (Indanan North and Indanan South District) were to contextualize Grade 2 English Language Textbook into Bahasa Sug. All of the paraticipants looked so hectic since the very start of the activity. The work began after breakfast until lunch was served. Afterwards, everyone was early in the session hall until dinner in the evening was served.

Supersam and Nash did not spend their time fully like what most of the participating divisions did. They moved out for shopping in mall every after lunch. After supper, they roamed around the city of Dipolog. The way they saw it, the entire city was a peaceful place though the people were not twenty-four hours in it. Every night, Supersam and Nash walked in the city for getting warm because they had more time in the fully-air-conditioned hall. They visited the City Hall of Dipolog, Public Market, Barangay Hall, Malls, Bazars and many small areas in the city.

Dipolog City has a very long boulevard along the coastal area that serves as the park of the people and others coming from the neighboring places of the city. They met even foreigners spending time in the boulevard coming from USA. People of Dapitan City also visited the boulevard at nighttime.

On May 9, 2018, Supersam and Nash were ready for printing of their outputs because they also spent some time  to work with it at night before sleeping after their walks anywhere else in the city. Closing program would be on May 11, 2018. Off all the participating regions, only 3 outputs were submitted to the management and secretariats. Two from outputs were from Sulu Division, ARMM Region. It was MTB-MLE and ARPAN.

Finally, closing program occurred in the morning. Distribution of certificates and picture taking happened before lunch. Supersam and Nash had not yet decided to go for bus ticketing since both of them would be planning to visit Dapity City. It took more or less nine hours for the bus to travel from Boalan Bus Terminal to Dipolog City Bus Terminal based on their travel for their attendance to said workshop.

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