Saturday, May 19, 2018

Participating BLGU Officials in Bunot ES Brigada Eskwela

A woman in black t-shirt is the Chairwoman of Barangay Bunot, Indanan, Sulu. She is Monalyn T. Askali, a very supportive education stakeholder and a friend of Prof. Albert M. Santoli, the President of Asia America Initiative. Most of the time, she would be the responsible woman for the transportation of the AAI President whenever Prof. visits Indanan South District schools.

Bunto Elementary School headed by Head Teacher III, Jurmainna H. Hunding facilitated well her parents, community members and BLGU officials in preparation for the core date of the proper implementation of Brigada Eskwela 2018. She started the meeting for coordination, participation and organization of officers and the different committees for the upcoming Brigada Eskwela. The majority of concerned residents were highly motivated and excited to get involved in the school activities for Brigada Eskwela. Hence, increasing collaboration of the stakeholders appeared more than the participating residents compared to last year's Brigada Eskwela.

As a result, Bunot Elementary School did many minor repairs of the school building and facilites such as extension of the school shack, continuation of the school-community library, ceiling, windows, fencing and above is the procurement of cyclone for the fencing of the facade of the school by the roadside of Indanan-Parang National Highway. Teachers of Bunot Elementary School spend much time although it was long summer vacation. Some students were also with them in the school helping teachers and carpenters fix the windows, fencing, and many other activities relevant to the Brigada Eskwela.

The Barangay Chairwoman led her barangay officials in doing the fencing of the school. She also donated some amount for the facilities needed in Brigada Eskwela though she would never be the Barangay Headwoman after May 14, 2017. As harmoniously arranged among their brothers and sisters, she would give chance to her brother, the eldest in the family.

Jurmainna H. Hunding, the school head of Bunot Elementary School had answered the chat message of Supersam questioning about the new leadership in Barangay Bunot. She replied that the incoming Barangay Chairman would also be very supportive for the school improvement based on their talks before the conduct of Barangay and SK Elections last May 14, 2018. She is a kind of school leader who has the competence and skill in mobilizing people for the attainment of genuine education among children especially in Barangay Bunot.

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