Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The Newly-renovated Jolo Airport

This was taken from the post of Makin Abduhajan and photographed by Suluman today, May 23, 2018. Makin captioned his post 'Jolo Domestic Airport' in Facebook Website. Meaning to say, there would be next construction for the preparation of Non-domestic Jolo Airport. Will it be Jolo International Airport (JIA)? 

The construction of Jolo Domestic Airport symbolizes continuous development, peace and posterity in the province of Sulu (Lupa'sug) where Jolo serves as town capital. Lupa'sug is the furthest Islands of the Philippines towards south. Tausug (People of Lupa'sug) should be proud of having Jolo Airport. There are provinces or cities in the Philippines having no airport. Unlike Province of Sulu, Jolo Airport existed long before the outbreak of Martial Law in 1972. Now, it has become wider and longer in terms of landing field. Its departure and arrival area are now becoming taller and bigger compare to those days.

Tausug needs to strengthen more their unity, love and respect one another especially in having participation and collaboration of the Tausug masses with their LGU officials to effect more changes, improvement and more modern technological facilities that would enhance Tausug youth to become educationally-competitive and globally-connected in quest of 'Better Lupa'sug'.

Despite the challenges and treacherous peace and order circumstances in Lupa'sug (Sulu), the local officials and their people, Tausug continue delivering the services for the benefits of the entire Tausug residing either in barangay level or municipal level.

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