Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Indanan PNP Plans to Put Up Police Desk in ISD Schools

Two members of the Indanan Philippine National Police visited Indanan South District Office last Monday, June 11, 2018. They asked a copy of district consolidated operation quick count enrollment of the 18 elementary schools in Indanan South District.

Supersam inquired them what the purpose of the data since it appeared as very first time. Accordingly, the PNP now has a program to put up 'Police Desk' in all schools, but it was not yet formalized by a formal talks with the school heads due to insufficient number of PNP members in the Municipality of Indanan.

Supersam answered that the plan could be started by just spending some minutes in every school which would be mobile type. The eighteen elementary schools in Indanan South District are free from any criminality despite the situation in Sulu is volatile according to many newscasters. 

Supersam suggested to the Indanan PNP that the visibility of the PNP even for some minutes in the vicinity of the school campus proves to students that they would safe in the school. Children's rights could be protected especially when some students commit bullying other students.

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