Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Sulu BSP OIC Council Executive Plans to Conduct Indanan Municipal Scout Jamboree

Salip Bensal A. Buttongah, Sulu BSP OIC Council Executive visited Indanan South District Office last June 4, 2018. He was escorted by his father, the former leader of Sulu BSP.

He presented his plan to Supersam how the First Indanan Municipal Scout Jamboree would happen with the attendance of all Boys Scout coming from Indanan North District and Indanan South District. Before the conduct of the said scout jamboree, some scout activities needed to happen like organization of the Indanan Municipal BSP Committee that should be chaired by the Indanan Municipal Mayor, BTC (Basic Training Course and other BSP preparations.

Accordingly, there were 40 slots for both districts and other expected trainees to avail the BTC. The trainers would be coming from the Province of Basilan. 8 trainers would be expected to come to Indanan and stay in the school where the venue of the training would be held.

The organization of the Indanan Municipal BSP Committee, Basic Training Course and Indanan Municipal Scout Jamboree would be intended for the preparation of Indanan BSP appearance in the Regional Scout Jamboree that would held in Davao City from August 8-12, 2018.

Supersam suggested to coordinate first the Indanan Municipal Mayor, Hermot D. Jikiri for the BSP scheme. Salip Buttongah agreed and he visited the Indanan Municipal Office to get appointment with the mayor. After 2 days, he texted Supersam that the Municipal Mayor would schedule the conference with both districts after two weeks to come.

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