Sunday, August 19, 2018

Fetching DepED-ARMM Secretary at Jolo Airport

In compliance with the request of DepED-Sulu Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. Tim J. Undain-Sanchez, FRIEdr., 2 vehicles from Indanan South District parked in Jolo Airport early in the morning of August 5, 2018. Navarra is privately owned by the Barangay Chairman of Barangay Panglima Misuari, the donor of school site of Panglima Misuari Elementary School. Hilux is a personal vehicle of Nur-aisha A. Gonzales, Principal of Kasambuhan Village Elementary School.

Johnson Misuari with his better half, Nurfaina Misuari personally drove his Navarra to fetch the DepED-ARMM Secretary, Atty. Rasol Y. Mitmug, Jr. Principal Nur-aisha A. Gonzales was also the driver of her Hilux. Supersam escorted by Marjin "Cmdr. H-man" J. Madjirul, TIC of Panglima Misuari Elementary School and Faisal A. Kadil, Head Teacher III of Pasil Elementary School appreciated much the generosity and cooperation of the couple from Barangay Panglima Misuari, Indanan, Sulu. Likewise, personal driving of Principal Sisang would be much appreciated, too.

There were five vehicles fetching the DepED-ARMM regional people to conduct the Acceptance and Mass Oath Taking of Teacher I that were newly hired by DepED-ARMM in Sulu Division.

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