Bunot ES

Apparently, Bunot Elementary School is located by the roadside of Indanan-Parang National Highway with an approximate distance of 10 kilometers away from the town of Jolo. It is in the heart of Barangay Bunot where it was named after. This school began to taste the sweetness of being independent and mother school in 2006 when Samoore S. Ladjahali was installed TIC (Teacher In-Charge) by Hji. Masihul S. Sajili, Principal In-Charge of Indanan South District purposely to open the Grade III classes. The TIC established his informal school office here with extended supervision to his two annexes, Mukammali Primary School and Lugmah Primary School.

A year passed by, Jurmainnah H. Hunding, the newly-installed TIC succeeded Samoore S. Ladjahali who took over the responsibility as Temporary District Caretaker of Indanan South District after the compulsory retirement of Hji. Masihul S. Sajili on April 27, 2007. The new school head was so committed to develop the school rain or shine until school improvement gradually came to an evidence. She amazingly elevated Bunot Primary School into complete elementary school just after two years. Until today, she makes Bunot Elementary School world-widely visible in social media like Facebook and Blogger.

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