Langpas ES

From Poblacion Elementary School with an approximate distance of 3 kilometers away, there lies Langpas Elementary School stood near the mosque at about twenty meters away from the main road of Indanan-Silangkan-Parang National Highway. The school got its name from Barangay Langpas, Indanan, Sulu. The school was closed when Martial Law in 1972 was proclaimed. It was just reopened in 90's.

Presently, Langpas Elementary School is headed by Hja. Nalda J. Muksan, Principal I. The principal made the school connected with Asia America Initiative (AAI) led by President, Prof. Albert M. Santoli in 2016. It is Hja. Nalda J. Muksan who popularized Langpas Elementary School in social media especially in Facebook and Blogger

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