Pasil ES

It is the most beautiful school so far in Indanan South District. It has a fabulous playground where a year-to-year District Meet is conducted for three days. It has a 2-storey school building with two classrooms on the ground floor and two classrooms upstairs. A little room is also attached to the side of two classrooms in the second floor. It is very appropriate for school office where Faisal A. Kadil, Head Teacher performs his administrative tasks. Pasil Elementary School teachers and their school are not tired of reporting to this school, though it covers the distance of 15 kilometers away from the town of Jolo, because of its scenic landscape and very conducive to both teaching and learning activities. It is concretely paneled just by the roadside of Indanan-Parang National Highway. 

DepED-ARMM has a legacy in this school. Sec. Atty. Jamar M. Kulayan initiated the painting of the school fencing. 200 gallons of paint given by the DepED-ARMM to Faisal A. Kadil through PSDS Moore. Likewise, DepED-ARMM Secretary also gave Kawasaki Bush Cutter for the maintenance of the beautiful ground of Pasil Elementary School.

The school has more 2 hectares of donated school site. The whole perimeter was already completely fenced in 2007 through the initiative of former Representative of Sulu First District, Hji. Yusop H. Jikiri, the MNLF Chief of Staff. The Chief harmoniously asked all the resident building houses inside the ground to move out of the school campus. What is left now on the campus is the Municipal Office and Indanan National High School - Pasil Annex. These two institutions are lucky enough to enjoy the school ground of Pasil Elementary School.

It was also noted that Pasil Elementary School looked graceful landscapre before the outbreak of Martial Law, September 21, 1972.  It was also fenced with concrete panel but terrible consequence of Martial Law totally damaged the school. Fortunately, one of the veteran teachers of the school, Adjura M. Ussam became the means for the reopening of it in 1997. The teacher organized Grade 1 Classes on the other side of the road with 2-classroom school building constructed out of the school site of Pasil. The school was annexed to Kan Ikuh Elementary School what is now the Panglima Ahajan Elementary School. In just two years after, Pasil Elementary School regained its complete elmentary status under the leadership of TIC, Hja. Anang J. Jamiri.

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