Sapie PS

So far, it is the furthest school of Indanan South District in the Municipality of Indanan, Sulu. It sufferred much from being just an annex of Pasil Elementary School and Langpas Elementary School before. Presently, it is now annexed to Sapah Malawm Primary School covering the distance from two to three kilometers to Sapie Primary School. It is located in Barangay Paligue. The school seems not annex because its TIC, Faijal I. Andan is an adviser of Kindergarten Class in Sapie Primary School. He is always there in the morning of Monday to Friday. Sometimes, the TIC accesses his annex thru Langpas Elementary School, Kuppong and Pasil. The people of Sapie warned the TIC not use the pathway from his main campus, Sapah Malawm Primary School because the area is exposed to the offensive conduct of military operation against rebels. There are two school buildings of Sapie Primary School. However, the grade levels are just from Kindergarten up to Grade 2.

The school seldom receives visitors from the DepED. Before, most of the school heads whose instructional supervision was incumbent upon them did not visit this school regularly. Thus, most of the supervisors in Indanan South District did not step on the soil of Sapie Primary School. So, PSDS Sam got ashamed of himself if he would not be able to see the school being district head of Indanan South District. He is so proud of the TIC, Faijal I. Andan holding Kindergarten Classes in Sapie Primary School. It means Sapie is in getting in touch with its school head from Monday to Friday.

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